Why does Tari think he’s above the law?

By:  Diane Benjamin

I did this story about illegal campaign signs two days ago:  https://blnnews.com/2016/12/11/illegal-signs-all-over-town/

This sign appeared today anyway:

tarisign2There is a driveway behind the sign, it’s definitely obstructing traffic and placed illegally on City property.

The person who saw the sign this morning reported it to Code Enforcement at 9:30am.  At 4:00 pm it is still there.

A reader suggested taking a picture of the illegal sign and then removing it yourself.

So far the only code violator has been Tari Renner.

Of course he thinks he is above the law.  He needs you to teach him he isn’t.

This picture is IAA drive just south of Vernon.






12 thoughts on “Why does Tari think he’s above the law?

  1. This is what they teach at the mayors conferences, (you can do anything you want because you are the mayor.)

  2. I believe that the statute allows political signs placed inside of 90 days before the election. Call Bloomington PACE to get the official dates. I think signs are to be down 7 days after the election.


    1. Renner claims “case law” allows signs to be paced earlier than what city code dictates. It is correct that campaign signs are not to be on public property and certainly not block visibility for traffic.

      1. yeah well knowing renner the case law he is referring to might not even support his case, he’s so full of it, besides case law can assist in other cases, it does not necessarily change the law,,,the professor is not a lawyer, nor a judge, no standing, rip the sign down.,

      2. I think that the city code restriction on campaign signs more than 90 days (or whatever the number) is a violation of the 1st amendment. With a few restrictions (mainly indecency), I can put whatever sign I want on my property whenever I want. Despite their unsightliness, there should not be a restriction. It is far too easy to reduce that time limit to the point where campaign signs become impractical and thus challengers have an almost insurmountable task of getting name recognition.

        That being said, I agree with Diane’s take on the issue. If it’s a free speech violation, then why does Bloomington still have an illegal law in the city code?

      3. Forgot to mention, I agree that campaign signs should be illegal on city property. The safety issue alone (blocking lines of sight) makes that necessary.

  3. Looks to be right next to a fire hydrant also. What moron put that up?

    Someone get me some gasoline and a match……woosh. What was is no more. LOL

  4. THIS is the sign I referred to on this site SEVERAL days ago! It’s too close to the street, on public land, and too big, and I’m SURE there’s other violations, that’s just 3!!

    1. At 6:10 this morning the sign was moved away from the street behind the sidewalk. Call the city to complain about the other illegal signs!

  5. Citing other case decisions and citing as case law does not allow the mayor to disregard city ordinances as written. (Was this more advise from Robert Day?) LOL!

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