Did Anybody see . . .

the Connect Transit bus take out a fire hydrant at St Joseph drive Friday?

Evidently the road was poorly designed for large vehicles attempting to turn into St Joe’s coming from the east.  The Council wanted congestion-Success!

Maybe buses should drop passengers on Washington.  They force riders elsewhere to walk long distances, seems fair.  The buses could park in the bike lane for a few minutes so traffic isn’t even more congested.

My source couldn’t stop for a pic!

I hear the hydrant has a cover now.

Somehow this didn’t happen:



9 thoughts on “Did Anybody see . . .

  1. Lol, can’t fix stupid. Yeah that’s you council, Karen Schmidt, Dave Sage, Diana Hauman, Joni Painter, Amelia Buragas, Mboka (what’s his name,) little snotty Scotty Black and the rest of you. The bottle neck creates major congestion at Veterans Parkway, one of the most accident prone spots in the BlowNow. What will you all do for an encore? Lol, surely we won’t have to wait long, geesh!


  2. Our city infrastructure is not designed for these large busses or unneeded bike lanes. This is just the start of the government idiocy that will come if folks continue to just sit by and accept.


  3. Hydrant is still there. I work at OSF. Hearing that something happened, without verifying it is not news. That’s fake news. I’m becoming quickly disillusioned with this blog.


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