More Pantagraph conspires with City

By. Diane Benjamin

Today the Pantagraph lauded the $3.8 million Bloomington is spending on streets.  Seems like rewriting history so people think the streets are getting better is the goal of both Bloomington and the so called press.

Why?  Because both want downtown spending, not silly things citizens want like the roads fixed!

See their story, then compare it to what Jim Karch was saying in May of 2015!

City street resurfacing tops $3.8 million this construction season



  1. This is called perpetuating the establishment narrative. Our media here is essentially a mouthpiece for the government/business leadership.


  2. Well, SOME streets are getting lots of attention, some streets are more equal than others… and yes, they love to crow about what wonderful things they are achieving, the Pantagraph (and the pet radio stations) are their “crowing voices” so to speak..



  1. […] If I hadn’t been out of town this weekend, I would have written A LOT more on the Pantagraph story that attempted to make you believe the Bloomington roads are getting better.  It’s really difficult to compose story on a cell phone, so I left a lot of details to readers: […]


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