Mayor – Judy Stearns face off again

By:  Diane Benjamin

Former Alderwoman Judy Stearns spoke during public comment last night.  Mayor Renner broke HIS own rules and responded to her comments.  Since he responded, so do she, at which time he called her out-of-order.

Stearns was there to talk about the majority of the Council not representing the citizens of Bloomington.  She also wanted to talk about the Attorney General ruling that agreed with her that Renner/Hales violated the Open Meetings Act during the Executive Session she walked out of in 2013.  At the time, Renner called her accusations ridiculous.  The AG disagreed!

Stearns referenced Hales disparaging remarks about the police union.  That was news since those comments have never been released.

Stearns made one mistake.  She called for the minutes to be released.  They have been, of course they don’t say anything close to what really happened.  Here are the minutes:  40f1746-11-15-13-closed-meeting-minutesr.pdf OMA violation

The Attorney General requested the AUDIO of the meeting be released since it was a violation of law.  Few people on the Council want you to hear what was said – especially Renner.

I wonder if Renner will get campaign contributions for his re-election from the police?  Not if they hear the tape, Mayor transparency doesn’t want them to know.  Here’s what he received during the last election from them:

p2 p1

I did a Freedom of Information Act request for the AUDIO.  Of course it was denied.  The denial states the release must be approved at an upcoming Council meeting.  That was June 13th.  Three meetings have taken place since, a line could have been added to any consent agenda – Mayor Transparency chose to keep hiding the information.  Here’s the denial:


Maybe now that the police know they were disparaged behind closed doors, they will put pressure on the Alderman.  Citizens have a right to hear their leaders disregarded for the law, they  should also demand the audio release.

The Open Meetings Act is LAW!  What others do Renner/Hales disregard? (Stay tuned)

Tari, release it now or this will dog you the entire time you campaign!

See the Judy-Tari exchange here, just hit PLAY:


7 thoughts on “Mayor – Judy Stearns face off again

      1. The AG office also said “case closed” no further action to be taken even though the offence is serious and punishable with fines or jail time.


  1. Judy…..we miss you and need you back! The only way the recording of the closed session will be released is if you run for mayor and release it. What are you waiting on?


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