Pantagraph actually reports – sort of

By:  Diane Benjamin

Today’s edition has a story on the Attorney General’s ruling about the Bloomington City Council violating the Open Meetings Act:

See this story  from June 4th:

Of course the paper’s version contains errors.  The AG ruled the “verbatim recording” must be released in addition to the closed session minutes they didn’t previously release.

guiltyThe Pantagraph reported the City must release a “verbatim transcript”.  I wasn’t looking forward to listening to David Hales talk for 30 minutes, but hearing his voice will show a much different intent from reading what he said.  Hearing Renner tell the Council he won’t tolerate public dissent will be more enlightening than reading it.

Tari continues to show the Open Meetings Act training he took means nothing.  OMA is LAW Tari, not suggestions.  The excuse “Nothing was kept from the public” shows total contempt for taxpayers.  Renner continues to believe being an elected public servant gives him the right to do anything he wants.  Laws don’t matter, just his opinion.

Until the City complies with my FOIA request for the verbatim recording, we won’t know just how contemptible the Bloomington Mayor and City Manager are.  The other Council members who didn’t walk out are equally guilty, however the verbatim recording will show at least one alderman agreed with Judy.  It will be interesting to see just how guilty the other aldermen present at the time are:


Of course the Pantagraph refused to condemn Lisa Madigan’s office for failure to rule within 60 days as required by law.  They also failed to condemn Renner/Hales for violating the law.  Maybe Steve Vogel will do it Saturday.    They also are NOT allowing comments to their story!

Renner owes Judy Stearns and all taxpayers in Bloomington an apology.

He can do it when he announces he isn’t seeking reelection.

If you haven’t noticed Tari, citizens are sick of politicians who say one thing in public and do another hoping nobody notices.





14 thoughts on “Pantagraph actually reports – sort of

  1. This is a sweet victory thanks to the tenacity of Judy Stearns and Diane Benjamin. Of course it did take Maria Nagle 6 full days to get this story out there and one thing noticeably absent in the story is the Pantagraph staff NOT allowing public comments on this story. That in itself proves a blatant and obvious attempt to stifle public opinion and an exchange of ideas from voters. Again, great job on the part of Judy and Diane for disinfecting the stench that looms at city hall.


      1. Cave, that is a good idea but for the fact that the online version of the paper every few days has a summary column titled, “most commented.” It highlights the top 5 or 6 story headlines of the past few editions, allowing those stories to be opened if you click on the title. This of course allows readers a second chance to read or review a story they may have missed. If comments on the original story are closed, there is no way the story could be featured as most commented. Thus just another way for the Slantagraph to stifle public input while controlling the narrative.


    1. Excuse me Tom. Many of us shop, buy, and spend money in Bloomington and pay taxes imposed by this mayor and council. I get billed over $900 by the city of BL for EMT services when they got on the rescue vehicle bringing me in from outside this city. The next time by gawd you can be sure I will tell the rescue squad not to involve any BL EMT personnel. That’s a bunch of horse manure being charged that. Not even a physician gets paid that amount.

      I for one will be glad when the voters of BL wake up and never elect Renner again and many of those air head council members and escort Hales and his assistants out the door.


    2. Tommy boy, if you are referring to me let me give you a clue son. I own rental properties in Bloomington. Just because I choose not to reside in Bloomington hardly means I have no vested interest in the underhanded dealings that occur on a daily basis at Bloomington city hall. I know it is probably hard for you to fathom some people actually own property (a feat you most likely will never experience) but many of us actually own more than just one parcel. Another shock is that some of them are actually located in other zip codes. Before you ask, I do not have any rentals available and be advised I do conduct thorough background checks on perspective tenants.


  2. Yes, I too was frustrated that I couldn’t rant on the Pantycrap web site this morning and I think it shows what their intent or their position is, as if we didn’t already know.

    Several thoughts on all of this. It is, if nothing else, a very dark window into the inner world of Tari Renner. How hard would it be to apologize to Judy? His refusal to do so reveals what a small man he really is. No humility whatsoever. The man is an arrogant fool who continues to belittle other people who oppose him. I’m sure, absolutely certain, that the verbal transcript will show this.

    The other issue is the fact that it took two years to get a ruling. Unacceptable. What this means to the people of Bloomington is two years worth of a government entity improperly functioning under its misguided interpretation of the law. This is a disservice from the AG’s office to our community. Lisa Madigan needs to go (and God help us, not to the Governor’s mansion).

    Finally, while Judy has every right to feel vindicated, what are the consequences for those who have violated the law? Absolutely nothing. Renner, Hales and company got off free and will probably do it again under a Council who will not report their violations the next time this happens. If they do, we can wait another two years for a ruling.


    1. Excellent points 4, and what to me is really reprehensible is the fact that this clown prince is lecturing influential young minds in college on the topic of political science. When I think of Tone Deaf Tari dictating in a lecture hall of students, I picture occupation wall street protesters, black lives matters participants, and rock throwing rioters at political rallies; feeding at the trough of higher education.


  3. Renner will only apologize if Judy Stearns can prove that something was said during the closed session that was not made public. What a bratty politician to say “prove it”–usually an indication of guilt. Well it may be difficult to prove since videos of Council meetings are only kept on-line for one year and it took the AG’s office 3 years to rule. Meeting minutes essentially summarize discussion but do not record word for word what is said.
    This is a clear case of deflection on Renner’s part. Don’t want to tarnish the image just prior to the photo shoot for the “Transparency Award.” Campaigning begins in just a few months. I hope this ruling haunts him!


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