Is Tari lying?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Before the vote to neuter Tari’s agenda privileges, he gave a little speech.  He claimed an Alderwoman came to him 30 days after he was first elected with a list of over 100 items she wanted him to put on the agenda.  He claims that person has NEVER voted for a City budget.  Um,  who could he be talking about?  The only person I can think of is Judy Stearns.  She voted against many budgets because of gimmicks, Coliseum funding, lack of pensions funding, growth in Administration spending, etc etc.

I asked Judy Stearns about his comments.  She said this statement proves Tari has learned NOTHING from being censured and Council statement rebuking him, his PCard taken away, or his “time off”.  She said his comments are a blatant lie.  She wants Tari to come up with just 10 things that were on the list, she doubts if she suggested 100 items in her 8 years on the Council!  The Aldermen have always been allowed to comment at the end of meetings, 100 things Stearns wanted aren’t there!

Tari:  I demand that list!  Is the Council going to allow Tari to keep lying?

Just hit play below to hear his comment.  If it wasn’t Judy, who was it Tari?

Here is a pic of the Council from 2013.  The only females are Karen Schmidt (absent), Jennifer McDade, and Judy Stearns:

I doubt McDade and Schmidt ever voted against budgets, maybe Tari can find that list to prove his statement.  Anybody believe he can?  Or is this more:  If his lips are moving . . . . . . .

How many years has Judy been off the Council and Renner STILL attacks her?  I’m thinks she’s been gone about 3 1/2 years.  Is this Stearns Derangement Syndrome?   

See the Urban Dictionary definition of Trump Derangement Syndrome – just change the name to Stearns:







  1. old stanky says:

    Is Tari lying? Ummm, do fish swim?

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  2. The man is not right… in the head…There is the real world and then there is Terry’s world…


  3. BN Deserves Better says:

    When bullies get called out they quickly play the victim. Tari is clearly acting as though the Council is victimizing him. No, Tari. They’re reining you in because you and your agenda might cost them reelection or a headache with angry constituents.

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  4. Angela Scott says:

    I think a better question would be “Is Tari telling the truth?” Ever.

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  5. Tari is DRUNK with power and the council is TIRED of nursing the hangover!


  6. Disgruntled Dave says:

    Sidebar: Musing over the money-losing arena and its role in putting the city in such a crunch the last 12 years and into the foreseeable
    future. There doesn’t seem to be any companies lining up to buy naming rights, so perhaps it would behoove Bloomingtonians to start a GoFundMe campaign to have it renamed as an appropriate lasting reminder. Think of it…”Playing tonight at beautiful ALBATROSS ARENA (now, with shiny new bollards out front!), a double-bill of special entertainment just for you, featuring the Q-Tip Precision Juggling and Marching Team and, direct from Vegas, The Captain and Toenail…”

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  7. Disgruntled Dave says:

    You’re right, Grossinger jumped on it to establish their name downstate. One can safely bet though, that when the rights expire, they’ll bail after the realization that the arena is an albatross which has dragged their name down too.

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  8. JUST because of THAT, I will NEVER set foot on a Grossinger lot. Pepsi left this white elephant – they have GOOD management. What’ s that old saying? Fools rush in where angels *******?


  9. @tweetiebird says:

    Renner can’t help himself. His behavior is that of a textbook narcissist.


  10. Tari cant help but lie. He’s a narcissist and the skewing the truth is what they do best!


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