More on “Councils Don’t Listen”

By:  Diane Benjamin

See this story from yesterday:  Why City Councils Don’t Listen

After writing more than 4000 stories, I had forgotten I wrote about the Julie Crowe case when she won the lawsuit:  Julie Crowe Defeats the City of Bloomington

That story contains a link to the original Council vote denying her the Vehicle-For-Hire license.  If you search “Julie Crowe” on the City website you won’t find it.  The vote took place September 26, 2011.

Only one guy who voted to deny Crowe the license is running for reelection April 4th – Mboka Mwilambwe

The woman who was constantly attacked during her time on the Council for standing up for what she believed was the only vote in support of Julie Crowe – Judy Stearns.

David Hales and every other member of the Council said NO to Free Markets.

Who you vote for matters, not voting is the same as voting for the failed policies brought to you courtesy of Council members who just take “staff recommendations”.  Those recommendations are frequently what the mayor wants, see this:

Adapt to what Tari?  Massive spending increases?  Many new taxes?  Your agenda?

Tari’s hand-picked Council members voted yes to everything.  He has more on the April 4th ballot.  (Mathy, Balmer or Mwilambwe, Painter, Black, Bray)

If you want to make sure your voice is NEVER heard by the Council – vote Renner and his minions.

Voting the opposite means your voice does matter.

Bloomington’s future will be decided by those who vote!

If most don’t, the minority will rule the majority.

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