Tiritilli, Lower, Renner

By:  Diane Benjamin

Yesterday Marc Tiritilli was interviewed on WJBC:  https://audioboom.com/posts/5751341-marc-tiritilli-candidate-for-normal-mayor-3-27-17

Listen to the next mayor of Normal.  Besides the massive debt, the Portillos debacle and Koos’s stand against allowing the public to speak freely is enough to throw him out of office.


The final debate between Tari Renner and Kevin Lower.

ISU’s University Galleries at 6 PM

The room was packed to overflow for the last debate, if you want a seat come early.

WGLT will be broadcasting it live and it will be repeated at noon tomorrow.

UPDATE:  I just looked at the WGLT website – they have technical broadcast difficulties.  If they aren’t on the air tonight, the live stream will be available from their website:  http://wglt.org

3 thoughts on “Tiritilli, Lower, Renner

  1. In 1993 when we bought our house Normal had zero debt. I remember when Kent Karraker was strongly encouraged to resign. At the time I thought something seemed odd about the whole thing. My intuition was right. That’s when the liberal progressive marxist democrats slithered in.


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