School Board Candidate Forum February 11

MCGOP-Sponsored Non-partisan Event The next state-wide election – the 2023 Consolidated Election – will take place on Tuesday, April 4. This election will present voters with candidates for city and town councils, school boards, and perhaps a ballot measure or two – such as the Unit 5 proposal for a tax increase (following its defeat […]

Shame Day

By:   Diane Benjamin Four years ago only 9,719 voted for mayor in Bloomington Four years ago only 4,403 voted for mayor in Normal Bloomington had 46,740 registered voters Normal had 57,279 registered voters Besides the obvious question about Normal having more registered voters with a smaller population, where were the voters? Local elections […]

Dawson + County elections

By:  Diane Benjamin No matter where you live, voting Tuesday is essential.  Even if you don’t live in Bloomington or Normal – there are OTHER elections to vote in. See complete County list here: I live in Dawson Township. Four years ago out of 447 registered voters, only 75 voted: The people elected […]

More on “Councils Don’t Listen”

By:  Diane Benjamin See this story from yesterday:  Why City Councils Don’t Listen After writing more than 4000 stories, I had forgotten I wrote about the Julie Crowe case when she won the lawsuit:  Julie Crowe Defeats the City of Bloomington That story contains a link to the original Council vote denying her the Vehicle-For-Hire […]

Vote early? Why you shouldn’t

By:  Diane Benjamin If you attended the last mayoral debate at the Doubletree, you know the large room was packed.  Unfortunately, the League of Women Voters and WGLT are holding another debate in Uptown.  Yes, it makes perfect sense to hold a Bloomington mayoral debate in Normal!  (Sure) It’s being held at the ISU Galleries.  […]