Vote early? Why you shouldn’t

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you attended the last mayoral debate at the Doubletree, you know the large room was packed.  Unfortunately, the League of Women Voters and WGLT are holding another debate in Uptown.  Yes, it makes perfect sense to hold a Bloomington mayoral debate in Normal!  (Sure)

It’s being held at the ISU Galleries.  Looking on-line, none of the rooms look as big as the one at the Doubletree.  Maybe they expect small crowds.

Information is available HERE

The schedule for the mayoral and other debates is:



Voting early means you can’t change your mind.

The Bloomington mayoral primary is February 28th.  5 participants won’t provide as much information as the last debate did with only 3, but maybe something will be forthcoming in spite of too many candidates.

Very little information has been produced yet for the Ward candidates and Town Council.  Voting now means you are voting uniformed.

There won’t be long lines for voting on February 28th or April 4th.

Take your time and get this election right!  Some of the candidates who claim to be conservative are anything but conservative!




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  1. Joni has LEFT the building!
    I HOPE! by the way HER GREATEST accomplishment-the fiasco on Hershey petition NOW has 650 signatures-HOW many voted for her???

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