December Library usage

By:  Diane Benjamin

From Page 10 – City Manager’s December report:

declibFrom page 44 of the December 2015 City Manager’s report:

dec2015libInformation for December 2015 isn’t available.  Library information is missing from many of the new jumbled City Manager reports.  David Hales is DONE winning awards for delivering information to citizens!

The transparency award is also null and void – lots of formerly available information no longer is.

About December 2016:

30,370 people using public computers, online catalog, or online databases is misleading.  Public computers are at the library.  The others probably aren’t.

96 groups reserved our meeting rooms:  I’m not surprised.  The library meeting rooms are free.  Lots of groups would love to meet somewhere for free.  That doesn’t mean it’s the taxpayers job to provide it!

The library pages in the City Manager’s monthly report used to compare usage to the prior year.  Obviously, they no longer do.  It’s difficult to build when people know library traffic is down year after year after year.

(If you still need reasons to DUMP the current Council – a new library is one!)

The City Manager reports were formally 55-70 pages of comprehensive information citizens could understand.  They are now just a few pages.

Tari Renner is campaigning on how transparent he is, but the FACTS tell a different story.  Citizens no longer have any financial information, tax receipt data, and library traffic comparisons. See this statement on page 2:

Nevertheless, the total number of permits issued in 2016 was about the same as for 2015, improving by just one percent. Total year-to-date construction investment in the City ends at $83,313,000, which lags the cumulative total for 2015.
Of course it doesn’t say HOW far behind!
Even with all the subsidized economic development Renner touts, construction investment is down.  Has the media reported what Moody’s said about Bloomington being in a recession?


They must think not reporting means the facts disappear.



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