Good News

By: Diane Benjamin Bloomington cancelled next Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. They use these meetings to soften up the Council for futured spending. Citizens are temporarily safe: (and I don’t have to watch 2 meetings in one night!) Not sure if this is good news, it depends on who is planning to run for […]

Election recap

By:  Diane Benjamin If the voters of Bloomington had been intelligent enough to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission when they had a chance, results would be easier to understand.   Now, for many races, the results from Bloomington need to be added to the rest of the County to see who won.  It is a waste […]

Last chance to see people not fighting for toilet paper

By:  Diane Benjamin VOTE Bloomington sample ballots: Everywhere but Bloomington: You have to vote either Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or nonpartisan (only matters for Letory and El Paso-Gridley Schools). Picking a party doesn’t make you a member of that party.  It does prevent you from seeing the same old names on the ballot again in […]

What you should know before voting

By:  Diane Benjamin Two school districts have bond referendums on the ballot.  Check to see if both just paid off bonds, to keep from lowering taxes they decided to borrow more money.  Voters do not need to choose a party to vote on these two: If you live in the City of Bloomington see a […]

Vote early? Why you shouldn’t

By:  Diane Benjamin If you attended the last mayoral debate at the Doubletree, you know the large room was packed.  Unfortunately, the League of Women Voters and WGLT are holding another debate in Uptown.  Yes, it makes perfect sense to hold a Bloomington mayoral debate in Normal!  (Sure) It’s being held at the ISU Galleries.  […]

Vote or get blamed!

By:  Diane Benjamin I heard again last weekend “I don’t vote in primaries because I don’t want to declare a party”. The guy who said it will complain in November about only having the same inept people available to vote for. The GREAT candidates lose in the primary.  Challengers don’t have the money incumbents have, […]

Vote: What they hide from you

By:  Diane Benjamin If you are voting in the Primary March 15th: If a candidate is running unopposed, and you really don’t think that person is doing a good job – LEAVE the space BLANK! Why? The candidate is going to be on the November ballot regardless of your vote or no vote. The candidate […]

Early Voting isn’t delayed

By: Diane Benjamin February 4th early voting is going to start – as scheduled.  Bloomington and the County will be ready, evidently challenges to some Presidential candidates petitions have been worked out. Now, Don’t do it. Once you vote, it can’t be changed.  The actual election day is March 15th.  A lot can change by […]

Breaking: Delay in Early Voting

By Sarah Welander If you were planning on voting early, you are going to have to wait. The delay has been caused by objections to several of the candidates running for president. The date has been moved to Feb 17th, though it is unlikely that this date will be met. There are hundreds of thousands […]

Want to hold Tari accountable?

By:  Diane Benjamin Is the City Council going to hold Tari accountable?  Is Tari going to quit? I have no idea.  If you live in Bloomington, call your alderman.  Call City Hall – I hear the phones are ringing constantly from outraged citizens. Tari has 7 Aldermen that support him almost 100% of the time. […]

Elections matter

by:  Diane Benjamin North Korea’s citizens just voted 100% for their dictator. Saddam Hussein got close to 100% of the vote in Iraq. These guys didn’t get high vote totals because the people loved them.  Politicians aren’t elected here because people love them either.  They are elected by special interest groups who show up.  It’s […]