Election recap

By:  Diane Benjamin

If the voters of Bloomington had been intelligent enough to abolish the Bloomington Election Commission when they had a chance, results would be easier to understand.   Now, for many races, the results from Bloomington need to be added to the rest of the County to see who won.  It is a waste of valuable resources and time.

Turnout in Bloomington was 27.91%.  Turnout for the rest of the County was 30.31%

See County election results here:  https://webapp.mcleancountyil.gov/webapps/CountyClerk/eresults/results-1.htm

See Bloomington election results here:  https://results.enr.clarityelections.com/IL/Bloomington/102788/web.241347/#/summary

Democrats are listed first on the BEC website.  The first thing to note is a lot of voters threw away their vote for president, probably because of early voting.  Many votes were cast for candidates who dropped out.  The County is similar, you have to page down to see them.

Chemberly Cummings will take on Dan Brady.  David Blumenshine ran a great campaign but the GOP voters preferred to re-elect a guy who raised taxes.  Voters must be thrilled with the GOP who sits on the sidelines and lets Democrats destroy Illinois.  I wonder is the Town of Normal will allow Chemberly to repeat her Daring Diversity event?  I call that an illegal campaign contribution.

George Gordon, long time Dem County Board member was defeated by Hannah Beer.

To prove Republican voters didn’t research candidates, as if Dan Brady wasn’t bad enough, they voted 55%-45% for McLean County Auditor Michelle Anderson.  It didn’t matter to them that most of her employees were transferred to the Treasurer’s office because they couldn’t stand working for her, or that Anderson cost taxpayers money by paying bills late.  She also decided to change the accounting system so the departments had no clue what they were spending.

Malott was a terrible candidate, but the Anderson wins makes it very easy to vote Libertarian in November.  If that means Fazzini wins the voters deserve it. 

If you need proof Democrats fell off a cliff:


Watchinski is the husband of the County Board member who defeated Paul Segobiano – Shayna Watchinski.  He must not be left enough for his precinct.  Russo was defeated by Lea Cline for McLean County Board however.   Maybe Cline is left of Russo or maybe the district has more sense than the precinct.   Cline will take on Jordan Baker in November.  The District 8 seat was vacated by Carlo Robustelli.

Republicans are at risk of losing the County Board.

If they are complacent many long time members will get Sego’d.

They need to start with making the Public Comment policy legal.  Currently it isn’t,  I guarantee it will be a campaign issue if they don’t.












2 thoughts on “Election recap

  1. Not surprised by any of the results. First, people in BN care more about frivolity than their futures. It is too much of an effort to get off their butts and vote for any candidate that has their best interests at heart. You really don’t have that many born and raised locals anyway so those that do vote do it out of total ignorance or as a lark or just listen to co-workers or their drinking buddies. I have pretty much given up that anything in this community or area can be salvaged. It will always be business as usual with the same tired personalities in charge or worse. BN will soon be an area dominated by the far left. The airhead Cummings has a very good chance of knocking off the glad-handing Brady and Chicago retread and liar Fazzini will be elected auditor. The County Board goes totally far left and becomes even more useless and dangerous. In four years this no longer concerns me. Once my wife retires we move out of state. Enjoy watching BN and McLean County burn to the ground.

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