Public Service Announcement: District 87

The writer of this Facebook post if a Board Member of District 87 – you know the ones in charge of making decisions about your kids education.

She should immediately resign.

Parents:  Do you want this person making policy decisions for your kids?


39 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: District 87

  1. Appalling! More intelligent vermin crawl out of woodwork. She and her ilk are the reason we need to continue to eliminate “career” politicians who spawn this rhetoric after 20,30 and 40 years of ineffective “service” , while stockpiling their war chests. (Biden and his family are prime examples). I cant think of any woman (except Hillary) who would be excited to partner with this senile and arrogant old man. (IMO if H was his running mate, he would be another Jeffrey, pretty darn quick.) I think her post shows her true colors and that can be a good thing down the line.

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  2. I read the post and comments on it by her and others. She has some serious issues with a definite personal agenda. When she is making decisions concerning my two children’s education I can assure you they are not her first though but her own agenda is first and foremost. She needs to be removed from any position of authority are District87.

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  3. Knowing Tari and Chris probably check out this forum occasionally I present them this challenge. You both are so big on this Not in my town movement how do you respond to this racist posting on facebook? Let’s see the true colors and conviction you possess. Demand (Tari) that this person be immediately removed from dist 87…. Somehow Tari I doubt you will ever do a thing as you to are a racist in such situations.

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  4. Her post and the “language” she uses is just one more reason to “KEEP AMERICA GREAT” And GOD BLESS US PEOPLE OF COLOR, no matter what color that is!


  5. I find it hilarious how every person who responded to this post thinks of it as blatantly racist. If a person of color decides to include color as a factor of their voting decision, it is their right. And quite honestly her choice is for good reason. The people who serve as leaders to our communities should not only represent the white, privileged people who don’t know the have about the problems faced by everyday minorities. It is very important to have people who are from backgrounds that may not be squeaky clean, that constantly work to prove that their mistake doesn’t make them. Y’all are some to talk about how “criminals” and people with bad pasts should run things. Look at your president? Just because he never got convicted, doesn’t mean he wasn’t a horrible man. The only difference between Chico and Trump? Chico represents change. Trump is still a privileged, inhumane piece of shit who should have never got a place to run this country. But all the privileged piece of shit citizens voted for him. Now l, post this on your forum, because you all represent the reason why minorities fight so hard to have representation. Because you’re sitting here trying to discredit, YET ANOTHER, minority that serves on the school board. Talk about “personal agendas” and “racism”.


      1. Now tell me, what actually popped up in your mind Diane? “Democrats” or “minorities”? Because not once did I say Democrat’s in my response?


    1. MINORITY, so if I said I wanted to vote for someone because and only because they are white you would be okay with it. You are a joke and a racist as well.

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      1. No and this board member repeatedly expressed that him being a minority was not the SOLE reason for her vote. She spoke with him, met with him and talked to him on multiple occasions. She knows him quite well. But the fact that he is also a minority and can represent for us is a PLUS. Only racist people try to pin others as racist for things that simply are not racist.


      2. Yes I did answer your question. Your scenario would be racist. Hers is not because her sole reason was not race. There, since apparently I had to spell it out for you.


      1. If that’s the case Diane, all these people already lost. The first thing they did was call Kiasha things like “racist” “pathetic” and “stupid”. One of your trolls even called her a “pitiful joke”. That’s all you old ass bullies do is sit behind a screen and name call. Diane, you’re the ring leader. Don’t act like you don’t know.


      1. She mentions voting for people solely based on racial and gender factors (mentioning she would only vote for someone picking a female VP). So you would be ok with someone’s rationale to only vote for someone who picks a male for a certain position?

        Is “I’m going with Biden solely on his promise to elect a woman VP” any different than saying “I’m going to vote for someone who only selects a male Attorney General or Supreme Court justice.”?

        How about we vote for the best candidates, regardless of race, gender, political party, etc.?

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  6. Welcome Minority! We are happy you are looking for alternative points of view as your entire world begins to fall into cognitive dissonance. We know it is tough to find out that everything you have been told by the media and your friends is a lie. Yes, this is a former 50+ year Democrat who left the party that left the working people of America behind. I have the experience and the knowledge to tell you what is really going on if you want to know it. Just ask me?

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    1. I don’t need anything from someone who hides behind the name “trouble” on an anonymous thread of trolls who talk shit because they’re too afraid to speak in real life. I only hopped on here because it was kind of fun to see how old internet trolls spend their time. I’m going to head back to my real life now while you all will sit behind a computer screen instead of speaking out. If you have a problem, SPEAK UP, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT, or SHUT UP. You’re all pathetic.


      1. MINORITY your avatar is racist as you seem to think that should be of importance. I do not care if you are a minority as we are all equal. But you having to resort to that name proves you are looking for special consideration. Go back to your pathetic real life, we speak out from behind our computer screen the same way you have so what is your point? Have to wonder about your relationship to this loser you are trying to justify.. BTW how do you know we don’t speak out in the community? You don’t as you are clueless.

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      2. Hiding behind my name? OMG! I guess you just have so much hostility that you can’t be talked to or reasoned with?

        You can’t even ask me a question?

        You just want to attack me?

        Someone who campaigned for JFK when I was 9 years old?

        Someone who spent 50+ years as a hard core democrat?

        Someone who was a union organizer and educator?

        This is really sad that the mainstream media and the left have divided us so completely.

        You seem like you are ready to join the mob of masked young people harassing people on the street for their transgressions? Don’t do anything that will land you in jail (or worse).

        FYI… it is best to not accuse someone of hiding behind their screen name when you call yourself Minority in the same thread.

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  7. Hey minority. Remember me? The one that had fascist Antifa wanna be racists show up at my Blue Lives Matter rally? Plus numerous others. I stood up and did something. I agree with every one of the people you call trolls. Yes she did make racist statements. Only voting for people of color shot your point down. Only ignorance would make this their first and foremost reason to choose a candidate. If the right person for the job is brown, black, white, yellow or any other color, everyone on this page would vote for them. It’s character not color.

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  8. @MINORITY MARCH 17, 2020 AT 8:37 PM
    “I don’t need anything from someone who hides behind the name “trouble” on an anonymous thread of trolls who talk shit because they’re too afraid to speak in real life. I only hopped on here because it was kind of fun to see how old internet trolls spend their time. I’m going to head back to my real life now,,,,” < Good riddance.

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  9. Kiasha Henry a member of the school board chooses the known pervert Uncle Joey Biden that smells the hair of little girls and whispers in their ears all for a little diversity. WoW! Failing to keep her sick thoughts to herself, yes she should be removed from the school board effective immediately.

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  10. Another “Trouble” here Minority, you can call me Trouble 3 if you’d like but I prefer Ronin – anyway – I too am a former dumb as a rock straight D voting dummy, yes I said dummy I called myself that because it’s true, I was almost completely ignorant of just about everything but I ran my mouth like a good little leftist shill anyway because I believed the little bits and pieces I’d been tossed were the full on truth of how it was. I THOUGHT the Left was for “regular people” too, I even worked for ACORN back in the day in a major city (what a racket THAT was, and truthfully it was where a little part of my brain started saying, wait a minute, this is NOT OK) and while now “gone” just like other leftist fake organizations that claim to “help people” they live on in various other guises.
    “Minority”, you are being used, your willingness to post that diatribe is clear evidence of that. You are being treated like a pet, oh to at least some degree a pampered pet but rest assured you are NOT as good as they are, they know best for you of course because they are the “smart people” – just because you get to go along for the ride doesn’t mean you are not expendable, but you are useful, sort of like a puppy is a “chick magnet” for a single guy – maybe think of it that way.
    I’m not going to go on and on here (but I easily could) I’ll just say, I voted for Obama for senator, then because someone advised me to, I did some deep research on him, no way could I vote for him for president, so I voted for Hillary in that primary, and was devastated that she was pushed out for Obama (there was a reason for that) then, I started doing some deep research on her OMG is all I can say and I choose my sources extremely carefully I don’t rely on full blown right wing blogs/articles or full blown left wing either in fact I take both with a grain of salt until they can be cross checked numerous times and/or they can provide solid facts to back up what they are saying. I research the source, then i research the sources of that source then I follow the money as well, yes it can be exhausting and is far more time consuming than just accepting whatever swill is presented on a platter but it is worth it to learn the real truth. I’m gonna end by saying – By the way I’m a minority too, and it doesn’t matter which minority because my entire life I have thought of us all as simply human, not sorted into easily controlled little boxes, please, take heed, and jump out of your box, and join all of us who have escaped our boxes. – I did. I also realize that this may take you several years, I also know it’s not easy, and you will lose “friends” but you will gain many more. (I also know you are likely calling me all sorts of names right now, and that’s ok too)

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