Jenn muzzled

By:  Diane Benjamin

I’d love to tell you which streets are going to be fixed this year, but the information still isn’t posted on the City website as promised:


I did hear Hershey and Streid Drive are on the list, both badly needed.  Don’t forget – the only money they are spending is Motor Fuel Taxes Tari raised since being elected.  Evidently all services have to pay for themselves except silly things like huge Connect Transit buses.

As you can see in the video shot below, the Council practiced “social distancing”.  (Normal didn’t)  Jamie Mathy, Jeff Crabill,  and Kimberly Bray attended by phone.  City Manager Gleason and the Clerk were at a table – see the left side.

If you didn’t know, Tim Gleason was City Manager of Washington Il when the tornado hit.  The County Administrator has a long history in health care.  Lots of experience between the two of them.

The most interesting part was the end.  Tim Gleason and Tari Renner made a few comments and then Renner asked for a motion to adjourn,  Aldermen were not asked if they had comments.  It was likely a setup so Jenn couldn’t give her socialist diatribe demanding the City hand out your money.  Since she got muzzled she put a video on Facebook instead.

The Council obviously is moving away from her and the radical proposals she spews.  How long do you think it will take her to realize the more insane she gets the less likely she is to get any support on anything?   I hope not too soon, her show is amusing.

6 thoughts on “Jenn muzzled

  1. Just read Jenn’s transcript of the video. (I can’t listen to her voice.) Tari made a shrewd political move. Based on what was said and how the words were framed, it’s clear that Jenn wanted to sound off. Not sure if Tari either knew that or figured she would run her mouth. Anyway, Jenn seems to want to create a separate system/approach to run parallel and thus have a competing voice against the prepared and deployed responses of government agencies and plans already in place. She remarks that she has faith in those in office and the response, but then goes on to say we need another response instead. Huh? Add to which, her “answer” includes pressuring the sheriff to release non-violent criminals awaiting trial. Which is relevant to what? Let’s see if Jenn pushes the envelope some more.

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  2. Jenn is a former faith based leader with contacts to over a dozen churches in our community that used to sponsor her crusades for justice. Her cohort on this issue is current faith based leader Sonny Garcia. Together you would think they could organize their church contacts that sponsored them for years to follow the gospel and help those in need in our community.


  3. If you don’t already, you should check out the Twitter accounts of the local leftists. They tend to be much more open with what they really think on that medium.


  4. I’m curious….you are an expert on all thing local government. Why don’t you run for an office instead of being a keyboard warrior? I mean, you do know everything and have your loyal following. I think that makes you a lock. Put your money where your mouth/ keyboard is.


  5. I see Jen is no longer sitting in Tari’s lap. Could it be Tari is afraid of what Jen can give him? If so he’s a bit too late on that!


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