Normal: A Council of Frauds

By:  Diane Benjamin

Watch the discussion of Stan Nord’s plat beginning with a speech by Mayor (hypocrite) Koos at 1:06:43.  The entire discussion is lenthy, get a cup of coffee and get comfortable.

Kathleen Lorenz, Kevin McCarthy, Chemberly Cummings and the mayor all wanted Nord to pay a price for ignoring Town orders.  Attn Frauds:  He already did.


WGLT covered that payment May 28, 2019:

WGLT did an adequate job covering what happened last night, no Council members including the Mayor mentioned the $11,

Kathleen Lorenz is worried the property will sell and Stan will never face any penalties for his actions.  Take your foot out of your mouth Kathleen, Stan did pay and is paying a big price.  It’s the taxpayers of Normal who will pay an even bigger price when no businesses want to locate in Normal.  Permits can not be relied on.  If the Town doesn’t like you they will torture you.  Congrats City leaders.


  • This property has been developed for 40 years without a plat
  • Many permits were issued on this property to previously owners – without a plat
  • Suddenly to Town of Normal “discovered” fees were never paid for a sewer connection in 2008 – long before Nord bought the property.  How much staff time was devoted for research to “Get Stan”?
  • The property was annexed to Normal around 40 years ago.  No development should have happened without a plat, yet there is a building on the property.
  • Permits mean nothing.  There is no statute of limitations on government.  If some developer wasn’t billed 50 years ago, and the Town of Normal despises you, they will force you to pay.

It happened to Stan, it can happen to you!

Property rights don’t exist in Normal.

May 20, 2019 – PDF page 120:

nothing prevents

The ordinance can be interpreted two ways only if the TOWN screwed up doing it the right the first time.

If businesses don’t “kiss the ring” is staff going to research unpaid fees on your property too?   Why would any business locate in Normal when Stan’s story will be widely known?

Most of the Council was upset Stan recused himself and left the room.  He did not have a representative there to answer questions.  The conditional site plan had been approved by the Planning Commission.  In the end the Council had to approve the plan because it met all requirements.  Lorenz, McCarthy, Cummings, and Koos were denied the opportunity to further torture Nord.  They claim this isn’t over.   (Tell them it is over!)

Karen Smith and Scott Preston were the only voices of common sense.

Other items of note:

Of course the Council voted YES to COLA’s, that’s how they get top talent (according to them).  Stan voted no.

Marc Tiritilli spoke at public comment. (14:45) His electric bills with Ameren have been lower than the Town’s negotiated rate through aggregation – he opted out.  The Council approved allowing Stone River Group to negotiate for them.  Bloomington recently did the same thing.  You might never find out what that new rate is unless you look and your bill after July and then call Ameren to compare.   Stan voted No.

Ron Ulmer spoke at 9:45 about the COLA.  He asked if the Town represented taxpayers or Town employees.

Doug Fansler spoke 12:40 about Pritzkers Executive Order concerning the Open Meetings Act.  He also talked about WGLT’s FOIA that included an email from Pam Reece outside the range of the FOIA.  (LEAKED?)

Just for fun, run your cursor through the video while it isn’t playing until Chemberly Cummings is talking.  Stop and listen.  She proves at every meeting why she isn’t qualified for any elected office.  She wants to be your mommy, it doesn’t matter how much that costs you.

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11 thoughts on “Normal: A Council of Frauds

  1. I think it’s hysterical how legal eagle Brian Day put the breaks on Council being able to grill Stan on this. Kind of backfired on Koos and his Chatty Kathy.

  2. Wasn’t it a danger having a meeting last night comprised of more than five people? I guess those that showed up that their lives were expendable. Don’t worry, I hear more is to come soon expanding the “lockdowns” so the politicos can save us from our poor choices. Still waiting for Vitesse and Hyatt to shut down in order to protect the public health. Is Hyatt still serving food and drink? Just wondering.

  3. When Cummings unless giving a one word response can not construct a coherent sentence. Koos and people worrying about whether rules/laws are followed may be correct. However, they need to all get mirrors and look at their lack of performance in this area. Koos, violation of open meetings rules and the purchase of a bike.
    These people are a barrel of monkeys, except monkeys are somewhat intelligent so I apologize to monkeys.

  4. Like bars and Restaurants, uptown SHOULD be SHUT PERMANENTLY!
    And the planet would be SUCH a BETTER place!

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