Breaking: Delay in Early Voting

By Sarah Welander

If you were planning on voting early, you are going to have to wait. The delay has been caused by objections to several of the candidates running for president. The date has been moved to Feb 17th, though it is unlikely that this date will be met. There are hundreds of thousands of petitions to go through, which is going to take time.

Now, there are some disadvantages with the early voting delay. A new issue could come up, and you may not like and agree with that candidate on that issue. Something could come out from their past that you didn’t know before. If you had cast your vote before this, you wouldn’t be able to do anything to take that vote back, but with this delay, you wouldn’t have to worry about it.

There is the problem though of if that date isn’t reached. What exactly will happen if they haven’t gone through all of the petitions and there is no early voting?

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