Good News

By: Diane Benjamin

Bloomington cancelled next Monday’s Committee of the Whole meeting. They use these meetings to soften up the Council for futured spending. Citizens are temporarily safe: (and I don’t have to watch 2 meetings in one night!)

Not sure if this is good news, it depends on who is planning to run for office:

Collecting signatures to run for office starts today!

Every County Board member is up for election, somebody please run against Josh Barnett. He should not be allowed to run as a Republican, maybe the Republicans will kick him out of the party like Wyoming did to Liz Cheney. (not holding my breath)

I can’t wait to hear what Scott Preston will claim he has done for Normal. He didn’t fight the Democrats there, he won’t in Springfield either.

Click the link above to see all the offices up for election. If you never vote in primaries you deserve the despicable candidates that end up on the November ballot.

Petition filing is March 7 – March 14th. The primary is June 28th.

5 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Who the heck is Unelected Bradley Beyer? He’s listed under Kathy Michael as Election Program Director. Who is he? Why is there? I thought we elected the County Clerk for this job of all jobs. 🤔

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