Found while looking for something else

By: Diane Benjamin

How’s this working for you?

High taxes and corruption are driving people out of Illinois. Those who stay get to pay more because (of course) spending can’t be cut.








5 thoughts on “Found while looking for something else

  1. I’d be careful with your G.O.P. smoke before you realize the fire. Sure, Blago was a (D)isgrace, but you have a Speak(R) of the house that is a covicted child molester and a formermer Gove(R)no(R) that spent Federal time in the clink for c(R)(R)uption.

    I miss guys like Big Jim Thompson and Edgar; guys that could endure the Chicago BS (I admit it was and is); yet make things work with heavy Dems like Durbin, Simon, Jesse White.

    The Polorization Trump Republicans and the “Progressive” Dems is (R)epulsively (D)isgusting.


  2. If you’re so unhappy about Illinois why don’t you leave? Bye. bye don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out. You rather whine about bad roads and infrastructure, but when your government is fixing those roads you still sit around crying their spending money and you don’t like it. You can’t have it both ways, insisting that infrastructure needs fixing and saying “spending” needs to be cut. What “spending” where? You certainly don’t have a clue.


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