What you should know before voting

By:  Diane Benjamin

Two school districts have bond referendums on the ballot.  Check to see if both just paid off bonds, to keep from lowering taxes they decided to borrow more money.  Voters do not need to choose a party to vote on these two:

elpaso bondsLeroy bonds

If you live in the City of Bloomington see a sample ballot here:  https://www.becvote.org/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/0320-General-Primary-DEM-SAMPLE.pdf

If you live anywhere else in the County see sample ballots here:  https://www.mcleancountyil.gov/692/Sample-Ballots

If those leaning Republican fail to vote in the primary you will have no voice in who wins this race:


It is WAY past time to term limit Michele Anderson!

There aren’t many contested races, but enough that everyone should vote.  Those referendums are on the primary ballot because they know most people won’t vote.

In Dan Brady’s District?

It is WAY past time to term limit him too:

bb election




2 thoughts on “What you should know before voting

  1. All three candidates from the Republican and Democratic Parties are seriously flawed. Anderson has never acted or carried herself as a professional on several fronts since she has been auditor. Mallot is the Dan Brady of the candidates, wishy-washy, unqualified for the post with no financial professional background. There is reason to believe she is not even a Republican based on some of her statements on various issues in the past. Being in social work, she is likely a liberal on many issues in a profession where most are. She comes off as phoney and disingenuous. Fazzini has a background in finance but is a transplanted Chicago liberal who cannot be trusted or taken at his word. Right now, the Libertarian candidate looks the best of the four based on integrity alone.

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