Note Who is Missing!

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you didn’t watch the debate between Dan Brady and David Blumenshine you missed Brady interrupting Blumenshine during an answer.  It felt just like Chris Koos shutting down citizens during Public Comment.  Kneeling is required at all times before the elite.

Start watching at 57:40.  Dan Brady called David Blumenshine the “King of fiction”.  Brady didn’t appreciate Blumenshine saying Brady voted for 20 tax increases.  Brady thinks some are “fee increases”, not taxes.  Didn’t Koos and company claim Marc Tiritilli lied about the debt?  Seeing a pattern?

WGLT could make the video easier to share by putting it on YouTube.  It has been watched over 4600 times, but you have to find it:

Illinois does have some elected officials in the Republican Party willing to fight for us.  Note who’s name is missing, 5 of the 6 currently serve in the Illinois House.  Has Brady ever led a revolt?  Is Brady happy being in the minority permanently?  Taxpayers deserve fighters!

FYI:  Dan Caulkins is my rep.

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9 thoughts on “Note Who is Missing!

  1. Two years ago in the last debate I submitted a question to WGLT that Charlie never asked. My question was who are your supporting in the Republican primary for governor, Rauner or Ives. Since the question wasn’t asked in the debate I tried to get an answer out of Dan Brady by asking him myself. He became extremely indignant with me and said he hadn’t decided yet. When I refused to believe or accept that answer he more or less said it was none of my business. That Saturday Rauner’s paid campaign “volunteers” were out and about campaigning for Rauner and, you guessed it, Dan Bandy. Guess Dan made up his mind who he was supporting, or his mind got made up for him, one of the two.

    More to the point, my question to Brady was who he’s going to caucus with in Springfield to bring about the needed reforms in our state. In the case of Dan Brady that is clearly the Republican establishment that caves every time to Madigan and has failed us all 22 years Dan Brady has been in Springfield

    One state representative alone cannot change our state. We need new blood in Springfield that will work together to form a coalition to bring about the needed reforms. I’m quite encouraged by the caucus that you’ve mentioned in this post. These people are solid conservatives. They have new ideas and they’re working to build a coalition to reform our state. May their tribe increase.

    Dan Brady is not with them and that’s a problem. David Paul Blumenshine is and it’s one of a hundred reasons why I’m voting for him.

  2. Evidently you want a democrat to win Brady’s seat. Fighting over who is more conservative and ideologically pure is counterproductive. Lately Republicans have primaried out of office Republicans who are middle of the road conservatives. The ideological “pure” Republicans you want are not electable so the seat goes to the electable democrat.

    You are also twisting Jefferson’s words. You have strained credulity by using a quotation from Thomas Jefferson that had nothing to do with the subject at hand. ““To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical,” he was denouncing the various ecclesiastical establishments that dominated religious life in most of the colonies and the push to establish Christianity as the official religion of the new nation. Such domination of officially entrenched churches in the colonies included provisions so draconian as to be comparable to the worst excesses of Islamic sharia law. Thus Jefferson’s choice of the words “sinful and tyrannical.” Jefferson was at the forefront of the separation of church and state. That quote was his stand against established religion, not taxation.

      1. Did you actually read my post? You have twisted Jefferson’s words. The quote you posted has NOTHING to do with taxes. It had to do with the separation of church and state. In colonial America people were often forced to give money to the established church in the colony.
        I’m also saying that Republicans have of late primaried out electable candidates for candidates that have no chance in the general election. Why exactly do you think in 2018 a lot of states flipped blue? As for killing babies, call the police.

  3. Although Dave stepping up to fight the status quo is admirable and I will vote for him, his election changes nothing in the big picture. Chicago has continued to rule the state for years and will continue to do so. Nothing changes for anyone downstate. Also, the funding of no talent race and gender baiting interloper candidates like Cummings and Carrillo will only increase. One only has to look at the national political landscape to see our future. Progressives and educators have been working overtime to dumb down the younger electorate where making an old and tired 1960s communist like Bernie Sanders attractive. Do not underestimate the appeal of this type of candidate to the intellectually lazy and ignorant among us. The appeal will only increase in coming years. What should be foremost in our minds that a gun shooting Civil War in our lifetimes is a distinct possibility. Our opponents are not of sound mind. Anything we thought impossible will be in the coming short future.

      1. One thing Virginia does not have that we do is Chicago. As we both know, Chicago and the collar counties determine every state and national election here. Virginia also has a much longer history of gun ownership and to a higher degree than Illinois. They also have a much more decorated revolutionary history than Illinois. That said, they still like to elect lots of Democrats and are always a wild card in any national election. There is little to no similarity between the two states. Illinois is too loaded with cowards and go along to get along citizens.

  4. Stan, the Democrat will not win the General election. She will be paired with the corruption of Speaker Madigan and the voters of the 105th will not support that…and of course, Ms. Cummings will proclaim that her votes will be Indepedent of the ruling party. I am a warrior ready for battle. Our state needs more people who have courage to stand and fight.

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