Dawson + County elections

By:  Diane Benjamin

No matter where you live, voting Tuesday is essential.  Even if you don’t live in Bloomington or Normal – there are OTHER elections to vote in.

See complete County list here:  http://mcleancountyil.gov/index.aspx?NID=692

I live in Dawson Township.

Four years ago out of 447 registered voters, only 75 voted:  http://mcleancountyil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/8115

The people elected in Ellsworth each had less than 30 votes.

See the Dawson ballot for Tuesday HERE

Since I don’t live in Ellsworth, I don’t know enough about the candidates to comment.

I will be voting Township, Heartland, Tri-Valley, and some uncontested races.  Since I believe in term limits, I will be voting for Casey Misch.  Tim Bane has held this office for twenty years.   Fresh ideas are required to keep government accountable.  For Trustee, my brother-in-law Russell still owes me a picture of his new grandson, so a vote for him is still in question. (lol)  The other Benjamin is a distant cousin and a good guy.  I also know Brian Dirks and plan to vote for him.

I only know one of the candidates running for Heartland Trustee.  Keep in mind, because the ballot says vote for two – it doesn’t mean you have to.


Informed voting in every election is essential to freedom.


If you stay home you give up that right.

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