Ellsworth flooding

By:  Diane Benjamin Taken this morning: The next two are from a house just south of Ellsworth A house in Ellsworth is getting their basement pumped out, not the one in the picture. I hope the hose isn’t from the fire department, that would be an illegal use of public property:

Ellsworth-Leroy tornado pics

By:  Diane Benjamin I wasn’t driving for the clowns who would like to accuse me of it! This house is south of Dawson Lake, it appears totally destroyed, the debris is in the trees across the street.  Slightly farther north were two outbuildings with substantial damage but they were too far from the road to […]

Democrat and Independent?

By:  Diane Benjamin A voter in Ellsworth brought this to my attention this morning.  I don’t vote in the local Ellsworth election since I don’t live in Ellsworth. One guy is running for the Village Board as an Independent AND Township Trustee as a Democrat.  He probably thought he would have a challenger for Trustee, […]