Democrat and Independent?

By:  Diane Benjamin

A voter in Ellsworth brought this to my attention this morning.  I don’t vote in the local Ellsworth election since I don’t live in Ellsworth.

One guy is running for the Village Board as an Independent AND Township Trustee as a Democrat.  He probably thought he would have a challenger for Trustee, he doesn’t.  He also didn’t fool at least one voter this morning.

Evidently Ellsworth doesn’t pretend their local elections are non-partisan like Bloomington and Normal do.  The local Democrat party had Tari Renner listed on their website as running for mayor.  The GOP ignored Kevin Lower.  Brilliant strategy GOP!  Keep pretending!

Tobey will be a Village Trustee, only voters can keep him from also being a Township Trustee.

7 thoughts on “Democrat and Independent?

  1. Hmm can’t help but notice Tobey is opposed by someone with the last name Benjamin. Could this be a biased news report from you Diane Benjamin? Say it ain’t so! No such blasphemy had ever happened! In other news, who cares?


    1. Since you can’t read, I did report one of the Benjamin’s is a brother-in-law. But there were TWO. I also reported the other one is a distant cousin.

      I know you won’t feel stupid, leftist never have any shame.


      1. Also I’m not a leftist… just don’t share news you know nothing about. Or in his case don’t have all the information. And no where in this article did you “report” about the relationship you have with the candidate…


      2. Sorry I don’t read most of your articles. Didn’t see that. But it’s not in this particular article… you’re welcome for playing.


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