It’s always fun to hear from Dickie

By:  Diane Benjamin

Sen Dick Durbin was on WJBC this morning.  Listen to his interview HERE

Stumbling through harsh questions from Scott Laughlin (just kidding!), Dickie attempted to justify why he is a NO vote to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

“Gorsuch is out of the mainstream”.

Obama appointed Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayer.

Sotomayer was confirmed on a vote of 68-31 in the Senate.

Kagan was confirmed 63-37.

Republicans voted for both.

Both have become obvious leftist on the court.  Both think the Constitution is a living breathing document.

Gorsuch doesn’t.

Dickie admitted the Democrats will force the Republicans to go nuclear and confirm Gorsuch with 51 votes.  They will scream loudly while completely ignoring what Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein said in 2006.  The title doesn’t do it justice.  It’s short – less than 1 minute.

Dickie didn’t cite any facts making Judge Gorsuch unfit.  He just wants left-wingers.

Dickie’s party has been getting wiped out since 2010. 

Dickie is the one who isn’t mainstream.

Keep up the good work Senator, the wipe out will continue!






9 thoughts on “It’s always fun to hear from Dickie

  1. Do you remember when George Bush nominated former US Senator John Ashcroft for Attorney General? Dickie’s immediate response was very favorable. Then his funders and controllers on the Communist Left weighed in, and he did a 180, leading the (thankfully unsuccessful) opposition and smearing a good and decent man. Dick Durbin is scum.


  2. He is truly represents everything that is wrong with Illinois. Another poster boy for term limits or at least a mandatory retirement age.


  3. I still remember a few months ago (before the election) when WJBC had worthless Dickie Durbin on and he ended his spiel ranting (yes, actually screaming) about how the Republicans needed to fix Obamacare. Dick… weren’t you a main sponsor of that Democrat massive tax increase disaster?


      1. While I agree that Durbin is a walking advertisement for term limits, I can’t exactly blame the democrats here. After all, the republicans were the ones who refused to even vote on Obama’s nominee. If you supported that (which I didn’t), then you can’t invoke the presidents right to choose in this situation.


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