Ellsworth-Leroy tornado pics

By:  Diane Benjamin

I wasn’t driving for the clowns who would like to accuse me of it!

This house is south of Dawson Lake, it appears totally destroyed, the debris is in the trees across the street.  Slightly farther north were two outbuildings with substantial damage but they were too far from the road to get good pictures.  Click on any of the pictures to enlarge.













These are on County Rd 800 south and east of Dawson Lake. There are buildings on both sides of the damage to the trees that look untouched.



















This is a barn one road north of the damage to the trees. The path the tornado took is easy to see.





Another building one more road north.


This is a second building on the same road, lots of trees destroyed.  We did not see any damaged turbines even though the tornado went right through the field.

7 thoughts on “Ellsworth-Leroy tornado pics

  1. Glad you’re safe and that there was no loss of life. Hope those whose home was damaged have a place to stay to keep warm.

  2. I know BloNo dodged a bullet the other night my 2 cats were in their respective “safe places” and the dog had also made herself quite small and was under a chair so I knew for sure that something was close. Glad you were spared. I have friends in and around Taylorville who were all spared but Taylorville suffered major damage.

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