Leroy: Don’t Trust your Mayor!

By:  Diane Benjamin Follow up to this story:  https://blnnews.com/2020/08/11/leroy-tyrant-alert/ Yesterday Mayor Dean posted this on Facebook: Was he trying to mislead citizens?  Did he want to make sure nobody showed up to object?  How many citizens thought it really was going to get tabled? “Will” must have other meanings than “will”. If the Mayor wanted […]

What area cities are threatening your safety?

By:  Diane Benjamin Here’s the list:  Danvers, Hudson, Leroy, Arrowsmith, and Gridley What are they NOT doing? Illinois is in the process of switching to Next Gen 9-1-1.  It requires the addresses to be consistent, the Geographic Information System (GIS) system across the County needs to be updated.  Many other rural communities are already in […]

Another Lesson in Limited Government

By:  Diane Benjamin There are two types of people in government:   Those who think their position demands they “make progress”   Those who think their job is to create an environment so people can create their own “progress”. One uses your money for their vision, the other allows you to create your own vision.  […]

Per kid: Area school spending

By:  Diane Benjamin The Illinois Comptroller’s Office has lots of interesting information. Look at this site:  http://warehouse.illinoiscomptroller.com/ Virtually every level of Illinois government is required to complete information for this site.  Schools must not be required to provide much information. Cities, towns, villages, etc enter much more. I was looking at area schools and noticed […]

More government tyranny

by:  Diane Benjamin The first job of government is to defend freedom and liberty.  Obviously, government forgot that.  The federal government has been on a spending spree for a long time, but so have local governments.  They grab more and more of your income for their agenda. See last weeks post on Heyworth:  http://blnnews.com/2014/10/03/heyworth-can-you-explain-this/ and Standford: […]

More on School Districts

by Diane Benjamin http://www.ilhonorroll.niu.edu/scripts/awards.asp?searchStr=L&awtype=E&year=2011&so=name Which area schools achieved: 2011 Academic Excellence Awards No Unit 5 Schools No Dist 87 Schools Tri-Valley Elementary Tri-Valley Middle School No Leroy schools Lexington Elementary No Heyworth Schools Olympia West Elementary Ridgeview Elementary Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparison-continued/ Also See:  http://blnnews.com/2012/11/12/school-district-comparisons/

School District comparison (continued)

by Diane Benjamin (continued from previous post) From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Close to 50% of all 11th graders in the state are BELOW average in all 3 subjects Dist 87: 52.5% below standards in reading 57% below standards in math 58.6% below standards in science If your […]

School District comparisons

by Diane Benjamin From the Illinois State Board of Education website: http://www.isbe.net/ See the chart below: Unit 5 and District 87 have less Administrators per pupil, but the percent spent on Instruction is low. Where is the money going?  Graduations rates are way below surrounding districts. Leroy, Lexington, and Ridgeview have high pupil to admin percentages. […]