More government tyranny

by:  Diane Benjamin

The first job of government is to defend freedom and liberty.  Obviously, government forgot that.  The federal government has been on a spending spree for a long time, but so have local governments.  They grab more and more of your income for their agenda.

See last weeks post on Heyworth: and Standford:

If you thought Heyworth and Standford were the only ones, think again.  The job of government is not to fund wants and redistribute wealth.  Local governments are stealing your future.

Why is economic activity booming in Texas and stagnant in Illinois?  Easy:  taxes and regulations.

Recovery from the recession has barely been felt in Illinois.  Citizens took a big hit, government didn’t.  Government spending far exceeds inflation.

Local governments get by with massive spending increases because:

  • The Pantagraph and WJBC are complicit by not asking tough questions and not reporting facts
  • Taxpayers elect the big spenders or don’t bother to vote at all  
  • Taxpayers don’t hold elected officials accountable

Below are more examples of out-or-control government.  If spending doubles or more every 10 years – what is it going to be in another 10 years?  Stay tuned, there are plenty more examples.


McLean County
City of Leroy
City of Leroy
Township - Normal
.Township – Normal





One thought on “More government tyranny

  1. The first four years of President Obama’s Presidency In my opinion a few people from WJBC helped advocate for his Agenda no matter how Socialist it was and WJBC often posted stories on facebook about Obama’s policies.. Now Obama’s Agenda is a clear failure and some of the people at WJBC who pushed his agenda have since left the station and thus are held unaccountable for their advocacy to unsuspecting and trusting residents of McLean County whose very lives and liberty are worse off today. WJBC seems to now post “NO” stories about Obama on face book and seem to do their best to ignore and not talk about the failures and the direction our country is now headed. However, some of us have not forgotten and will remind the other residents of McLean County.

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