Constitutional scam amendment on the ballot

by:  Diane Benjamin

The Democrats in Illinois want to see just how stupid the citizens are in November.  Just voting for any Democrat because you think they will make sure you get your pensions is plenty of proof, but they want more.

On the ballot will be a Constitutional Amendment labelled Suffrage and Elections.  The amendment supposedly will prevent Voter Discrimination, no language is included about DEAD people voting.

Here’s the REAL reason this amendment is on the ballot.  Many states have passed laws requiring VOTER ID.  The Supreme Court has upheld requiring VOTER ID does not discriminate.  Democrats still claim ID requirements do.  They claim the poor don’t have access to free ID’s, the poor should be outraged that government thinks they are that stupid.  The Democrats need voter fraud, it is much more difficult to commit if an ID is required.

I’ve seen polls saying over 70% of both Democrats and Republicans want Voter ID laws.  Illinois passed a law for same day registration and voting in Illinois – just for this election.  Watch for buses going from poll to poll in northern Illinois.

Since there is no proof anybody has not been allowed to vote, vote NO.  It’s the same argument Democrats use for not needing Voter ID, except there is proof of voter fraud.  When an ID is required to vote, we will have REAL election integrity.

Here’s a partial list where an ID is required:

  • DMV – You are required to have some form of identification to obtain a driver’s license in most states.
  • Airports – Try boarding a commercial flight these days without a photo ID.
  • Hospitals – Most hospitals require some form of ID for any out-patient or in-patient procedure.  The last time I ended up at the emergency room, they were still asking me for my ID.
  • Pharmacy – We have to show our driver’s license just to purchase over-the-counter sinus medication like Co-Advil, let alone a prescription.
  • Blood Donation – Everyone I know that has donated blood has had to present their ID before being accepted.
  • Banks – Many banks require some form of ID to carry out any transaction except perhaps making a deposit.
  • Writing a Check – Most stores want a driver’s license or some other photo ID in order to cash a check or even pay for a purchase with a check.
  • Using Credit Cards – I have been in some stores that have asked to see a driver’s license or some other form of ID before they would accept my credit card.
  • Gun Shop – Right!  Try buying a gun or ammunition without a driver’s license or any other form of ID.
  • Social Security Office – They require ID to verify who you are before they will even entertain paying you any benefits.  To obtain SSI Disability requires ID plus a ton of documentation, yet many poor and minority people manage to obtain SSI Disability coverage.
  • Pawn Shop – Laws have tightened up so much on pawn shops to prevent them from purchasing stole property that pawn shops require a form of ID, preferably a photo.
  • Jail – Most cities, counties, and states require some form of ID before they book someone into jail.
  • Courts – Most courts require an ID in order for you conduct any form of business with them.
  • Unemployment – Most unemployment offices require an ID before paying benefits.
  • Public Schools – Many schools require any non-student to present an ID at the office before being allowed to visit the school for any reason.  I use to be a meter reader for an electric company and always had to go to the office first and show my ID before being allowed to OUR electric boxes.
  • Adoption Agency – It is almost impossible to adopt a child without an ID and a stack of other information.
  • Parole & Probation – Most people placed on parole or probation are required to have an ID when they check in with their court appointed handlers.
  • Auto Insurance – You are required to have an ID in order to obtain auto insurance.
  • Traffic Stop – In most states you are required to present your driver’s license, proof of insurance and vehicle registration if you are pulled for by a police officer.
  • Passport – You have to produce an original birth certificate and photo in order to obtain a U.S. passport.  (Makes you wonder how Barack Obama obtained a valid passport.)
  • Post Office – I’ve had to show a photo ID to pick up packages at the Post Office.

The list probably goes on for page after page, but I hope you get the idea.  However the Democrats say that requiring an ID for voting is unconstitutional and discriminating.  The ironic part of this is that most unions are Democratic supporters and they require an ID for all union voting, but they are against requiring an ID to vote in local, state and federal elections.

If requiring an ID to vote is discriminatory and unconstitutional, they why is it legal to require an ID for all of these other things in life?





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