The Bloomington tyranny

by:  Diane Benjamin  tyranny


The following is from  The information comes from databases they have access to.  One way to see how fiscally responsible government handles your tax dollars is to look at trends.


I gleaned information available from the City website to update the chart.


FY 2013-2014    $169,000,000

FY 2014-2015    $180,400,000


2013- 2014 – 755   The page doesn’t say if this is total or just fill time, but it looks like total.

Year ended 12/31/2013 wages report lists 642 full-time.  Part time workers aren’t listed.

The 642 employees most likely include employees that left employment and employees hired to replace them.  When the financial statements for the year ended 4/30/14 are finally issued, they may have accurate information.

The growth in spending is out of control.  Who is looking out for you?  Who on the Council MUST be replaced?

The latest budget reflects what Mayor Transparency wants.  He claims there is nothing to cut and the staff is cut to the bone.

Obviously many of the jobs the City shed have reappeared.

The real question is:

What are you going to do about it?








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