What area cities are threatening your safety?

By:  Diane Benjamin

Here’s the list:  Danvers, Hudson, Leroy, Arrowsmith, and Gridley

What are they NOT doing?

Illinois is in the process of switching to Next Gen 9-1-1.  It requires the addresses to be consistent, the Geographic Information System (GIS) system across the County needs to be updated.  Many other rural communities are already in the process of updating their information.

These 5 cities have made no attempt to fix addresses in the system.  They all know the problem, so far compliance is voluntary.

Not updating addresses may mean emergency response vehicles can’t find your location when you really need them – like by dialing 9-1-1.

When seconds can matter, is the inconvenience and possible cost of fixing addresses worth it? 

By not updating addresses calls to 9-1-1 could:

  • only show a city, no location in the city
  • be routed to a national 9-1-1 system in error
  • produce zero location information
  • mean first responders will be searching for a house on the wrong side of the street

Is no action worth a life?

Been to a City Council meeting lately?

Maybe you should, especially in Hudson.  I hear you will shortly be on mayor number 4 in 2 1/2 years.


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8 thoughts on “What area cities are threatening your safety?

    1. finding an address on ANY buildings is a joke! Just drive around some neighborhoods and try to find a house address! Now just imagine being rescue workers, service companies and try finding an address . I can just hear someone on 911 saying” its the third house on the right down the street from the green house.You cant miss it!” Its not just the postal service that needs addresses.

  1. HECK, the McLean co Sheriff’s dept cannot even find a farm when you give them directions! I had some items stolen a few years back, and they took over an hour to make it 5 miles out of town, I FINALLY had to meet them at the local elevator, whereupon ONE of the officers said “Well heck, I could have found this place IF the dispatcher had given me the RIGHT road! It’s ACTUALLY rural “uptown normal” …So much for communication, so LET’S BUY AN UNDERPASS!!
    FIRST RESPONDERS are only as good as the information they are given. Which usually has errors!

  2. Hudson has way more issues than the mayor. Their police department is an absolute joke. For a town of 1600 we sure have a lot of cops working. Maybe the new mayor will clean house. One hopes!

  3. Hudson used to be a delightful, prosperous and wholesome farming community. Then it totally became a Bedroom of Bloomington. Sounds like it is adopting the “Bloomington Ways”, too.

  4. The road numbers have become convoluted. 34560 North 375 Road should be 34560X375. The first number is always North and the second number is always East. There is no South nor West.
    With a ruler and a map of the proper scale a location can be pinpointed in an instant.
    If you want to put Roadkill Avenue or Beer Can Lane, that is fine as long as it starts with those two
    911 numbers. Thank you Federal, State, and County governments for making a mess of this.

    1. I was on a Township Board when these new signs were brought out. Residence did not have a lot of say in road names. For instance there is a road that has a name on it and no one living on it knew of anyone by that name. Seems the State or Federal people involved looked up on a very old map of land owners and got the names off of those maps. The person’s name on this road sign did in fact live on this very road. Yep, that was around 1900. Nears anyone could figure that family lived at the end of a dead end road and moved away before 1915.

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