Update: Leroy: Tyrant Alert

I just confirmed this ordinance was suggested by the Illinois Municipal League (IML).  It may be coming to town near you.

By:  Diane Benjamin

According to information supplied to me, a whooping 6 people in Leroy (population 3600) have tested positive for COVID.  None have been hospitalized and none have died.  Mayor Steven Dean now thinks he can issue edicts to keep citizens safe from a nonexistent threat.

He wants masks mandatory!

The below is from a Facebook page called The Mayor – 61752.  Interesting his name isn’t included:

the mayor

Does the Mayor realize a lot of people spend money in Leroy that don’t live there?  Will signs go up on the interstate ramp with rules for travelers and truckers?  Are police going to be deployed at Love’s and McDonald’s to ticket offenders?  It won’t take long for the word to spread Leroy needs to be avoided!  Did Leroy officers sign up to be the mask police?  Why did he wait until AUGUST to propose this?

Proposed Ordinance Excerpts:

masks required

Leroy wants to use the police force to PUNISH anyone who doesn’t comply.  

violation mask

What is the “Urgent Need”?  

effect date urgent

Here’s the good news:

This isn’t going to pass.

(according to one board member I spoke to)

That doesn’t mean citizens in Leroy shouldn’t voice their opinion.  Your Mayor doesn’t think you are capable of protecting yourself when you obviously are.  Speak up now and this might not even make it to a vote.

Below is the entire [proposed ordinance as seen on Facebook:

leroy masksleroy masks 2leroy masks 3





13 thoughts on “Update: Leroy: Tyrant Alert

  1. Thanks Diane…Koos and Pam read your site. Now you have given them another idea to feed their egos. Unfortunately with their dictatorial powers Pam and Koos don’t need the council’s support to force this. (The Council would likely rubber stamp if asked anyway.) I expect this will happen in Normal as a way for Koos to show off his “fists of governance ” under the guise of “emergency powers”.

  2. That’s WHY KEVLAR vests sales are up also!
    For EVERY action there is an EQUAL and OPPOSITE REACTION, don’t just hold for Science.

  3. Why any ISU Freshman would even bother to come to ISU this fall is beyond me. The restrictions in residence halls are absurd. They’re actually expecting that students are going to go on lock down in their dorm rooms to do their remote education all day.

    Ain’t gonna happen. They’ll be in off campus apartment sites partying like it’s COVID 1999. I’m sure Larry, Chris and her majesty have a plan in the mix to control it.

  4. I agree SIX PACK!
    Sending young testosterone filled boys out alone with young cute, nubile and sometimes, scantily clad dressed young girls to college-throw in some alcohol, and ASKING them to “self quarantine” is akin to sending Apollo astronauts to the moon and “asking” them to collect rocks for NASA, but PLEASE don’t put ANY in your own pockets!! Thank you!

  5. Returning from Springfield yesterday the digital sign over I-55 right after Shirley proclaimed that Wearing Masks In ILL-annoy is required.

  6. But prosecuting “protesting LOOTERS” in Chicago isn’t. WHAT the heck is J.B. Dumbass thinking?
    Next we’ll give them free markers and cardboard for signs and bags for “loot”!

  7. We know one thing for sure. This scum bag mayor from Leroy did not write this ordinance himself. His Progressive Marxist Democrat friends gave it to him so he could further torment the citizens of Leroy. This tyrant needs to be removed, recalled, voted out, run out of town on a rail. P.S. do not let him near the books.

  8. I’m wondering IF the Leroy High School gave him PERMISSION to have THEIR logo on HIS mask, and IF so, did he PAY them royalties, OR did he just simply “pimp it”??

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