Bloomington boring meeting except for . . . .

By:  Diane Benjamin

The entire meeting was only around an hour but then they spent almost 1 1/2 hours in Executive Session reviewing minutes they won’t release and talking personnel.  Bloomington has been holding Executive Session minutes for decades, citizens aren’t allowed to see the glowing endorsements given to previous City Managers by their elected officials.  (even when they are LONG gone)

During the Pledge Crabill and Carrillo disappeared again, Crabill was back for the “moment of silence”, Carrillo wasn’t.

Public Comment on Zoom is a joke.  6 people called in last night, 2 called for an item on the consent Agenda just in case the Council had questions.  In person meetings don’t work that way.  Everyone who called couldn’t figure out how to un-mute themselves, Viewers get treated to repeatably hearing:  “Are you there?”  “You are muted.”  “Un-mute yourself.”  “Can you hear me now?”  If people can shop in person there is no reason not to meet in person where citizens actually have access to their government.

ZERO people are in the hospital in McLean County with COVID.

Meet in person – issue a ban on anyone in their 20’s, they are the not-so-sick testing positive now:

Public comments worth listening to:

7:45 – Comment about City employees failing to hold a landlord accountable for code violations.  He wants City employees prosecuted for not protecting him from his vindictive landlord.  One complaint was no heat.

11:00 – Comment supporting the police and against the PCSRB getting involved in police reform since they are not representative of the community.

The 15 lot addition to Fox Creek was the only controversial item.  The Homeowners Association will be responsible for the streets and sidewalks, the debate was whether sidewalks should be required on both sides of the street.  Donna Boelen, Alderman for that Ward, wanted only 1 side because of the depth of the lots.  Of course the Comprehensive Plan came up that demands “infill” instead of adding subdivisions.  The addition passed unanimously anyway with sidewalks only on one side.

This was my favorite part of the meeting.  City Manager Tim Gleason announced his Deputy City Manager Billy Tyus has now been credentialed by the ICMA – International City/County Management Association.  Gleason is also proud to be credentialed. Short clip:

Being credentialed means abiding by a Code of Ethics:

Part of the ethics is this:

reporting ICMA

Let’s see if you can guess what credentialed member is violating the ethics listed and should be reported by Gleason and Tyus:

Tenet atenet btenet ctenet dtenet etenet f

Here’s some hints:

Who has an illegal public comment policy that doesn’t allow citizens to speak freely?

Who understands ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES are accountable to the people – not staff?

Who puts up barriers to citizens?  Who won’t allow citizens to talk directly to their elected representative?  Who pushes specific items knowing citizens are opposed? (ie:  alcohol at One Normal Plaza)

Who serves in the best interests of the Town instead of the people?

Who has a conflict of interest with an internet provider?

Who has no respect for ONE elected representative and the public who supports him?

Figure it out?

Citizens can file an ETHICS complaint, but according to ICMA Gleason should be filing.  File Ethics complaint

Of course this list of violations could be a lot longer!  Don’t expect Gleason to jump right on this, he won’t.

Just for fun watch the very end of the meeting where the Council had to go public in order to adjourn the meeting.  Zoom is too difficult for them, Tari and Mboka took awhile to re-join.  We did find out Scott Black is a Star Trek fan (the only thing we have in common Scott.  Live Long and Prosper)

Entire meeting:

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  1. WELL, it’s Happening, the RUSSIANS are already interfering with the election!! I hear this a.m. on BBC news that Russia SAYS they have a COVID vaccination, and Putins daughter has already taken it. Now what say IF, they say to the U.S. IF Trump is elected it’s 50 cents a shot BUT if ole Joe is elected it’s $100 a pop?? Is that wrong or just the Russians learning CAPITALISM?
    Relating to the above, Jenn could use a LOT of moments of silence.. Meanwhile the council hides their faces until 2030..

  2. AWWW, come’on Diane. It was the “opposition parties” FIRST, then when people got smart to that it got “outsourced” just like our jobs and technology! Tick Tok..

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