UPDATE! John Butler trial continued

If this trial was continued because Butler is trying to arrange a plea bargain it will be a slap in the face to the taxpayers of Bloomington.  You deserve to know what happened!

With two former CIAM employees ready to testify against him Butler should be scared.

A plea bargain isn’t justice.  The citizens of Bloomington deserve to know who didn’t do their job that allowed theft of your money.  A trial would provide this information, without it you get nothing.  Of course if you are a long time reader you already know.

Of course there could be another reason the trial was continued, nobody is talking however.


I have no idea why, just this statement from State’s Attorney Don Knapp:

butlwee Don

Anyone in the courtroom that knows why?

One thought on “UPDATE! John Butler trial continued

  1. This “trial” will drag on LONGER then a 3 legged dog with a steel part named Sparky!
    The “Markoarena” will be gone, downtown will be on Hamilton Road and it will be 2075 by then.
    Then the SJW’s will build a “New Testimonial Complex for the Masses to Pontificate”!!
    Gotta have a PC name for it by then!


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