This girl needs new friends

By:  Diane Benjamin

If you listen to people like Dave Rubin who used to lean left until they discovered leaning right is far better, one thing is obvious to them:  people on the right are nicer.  I heard another story about a leftist lady who went to a Trump rally just to see why people support him, her friends worried about her safety.  She had a great time and will be voting for Trump.

The left cares about the “collective”, the right believes in the “individual”.  The clearest example is healthcare, the LEFT wants a 1 plan fits all system – the RIGHT thinks you can make decisions for yourself.

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WGLT did this story a few days ago about a 21 year old who caught COVID and was shunned by her friends:

Mary O’Brien:  Get better friends, yours aren’t worth keeping!

It also shows something else about 20 somethings:

“I felt so alone, so hated for something I didn’t ask to be hated for,” O’Brien said. “It just happened. It wasn’t anybody’s fault. I probably walked past the wrong person at Aldi, you know?”

Later in the story:

party or two

Sound like protesting isn’t dangerous but going to church is?


If Mary had friends from the right she wouldn’t have been ostracized.  They would have been available for her, friendships aren’t superficial. 

One more thing you should know about Mary:  She is the campaign manager for the Democrat candidate for Coroner Abbi Sorrells, the story doesn’t say if Abbi shunned her too.

abbi soorrt

6 thoughts on “This girl needs new friends

  1. Thanks for exposing the hypocrisy of the radical left and showing us what this pandemic is all about. Unfortunately people like Mary are going to have to go through this to understand what’s really going on. And even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll learn anything from it. Experience is the best teacher, but when you believe government is the solution to everything where do you turn when it fails you. For many it’s more government.

  2. Partying today, among the young set, involves more than just sipping beers and talking. It’s hard to social distance with passion in the air.

    Dollars to donuts she was also “protesting” locally as well.

    Oh, by the way, have you read about the MRSA infections folks have caught – on their faces – from wearing dirty masks? Yeah, I didn’t think so. It wouldn’t go along with the narrative our state’s “leaders” and the mainstream media have promoted.

    Wearing the same mask day in and day out is far riskier to your health and life than the Chinese flu.

    But little Mary O’Brien didn’t mention that.

  3. Oh, and yes, Diane’s absolutely right. Mary needs to find better friends. Because Mary’s so-called “friends” suck.

    But you won’t find high quality people at a local DSA meeting or a ACAB protest. Some people need to live and learn though.

  4. The message from this story kinda went over your collective heads:

    ‘With the messaging, you have to lead with empathy and compassion. You can’t just say, ‘Do this,’” said Lanier. “And you need to acknowledge that it’s hard. No one loves to wear a mask. Wearing a mask sort of sucks. But it’s not forever. And this is for the benefit of you, your friends, so you can eventually be together in the way you want to be with your friends.”

    Past public health campaigns have found success with a harm-reduction approach, said Lanier, who has a background in community health. Instead of just telling underage people not to drink, for example, campaigns have tried to meet them where they are by pointing out binge-drinking behaviors, how much alcohol your body can process in an hour, and the risks of drinking and driving.

    “Instead of saying, ‘Just don’t do this,’ we have to provide some alternatives,” Lanier said. “OK, if you can’t be in a large group together, there are other things you can do. Get together with a smaller group of friends, physically distanced, maybe outside, but also wear a face covering.”

    People are catching MRSA infections from their masks?

    MRSA skin infections can occur in participants of many types of sports, they’re much more likely to occur in contact sports — such as football, wrestling and rugby. I don’t see anyone suggesting that we not play those sports in order to stop the passing of MRSA. How exactly is anyone getting MRSA from dirty masks is a real head scratcher. The only way that could happen is if people are passing around masks and someone had a MRSA infection. No very likely.

  5. Masks ARE proven to be DIRTY! As for people who GET ANYTHING from a mask, YES they are NOT bullet proof.. You have a better chance of contracting a STD from a phone book, then wearing a mask.. This WHOLE covid thing has gone WAY TOO FAR! . Gotta wear a mask to even visit a friend in a home-IF you can get in. Its just pure BS > McLean county has had 15 deaths of which 10 were in the south main nursing home, So STAY at home and die is what the JB WANTS? Use common sense. I have an 83 year old mother who is just WANTING to get out. she’s a retired RN and just wants to go out for a ride OR a meal. I SEE it affecting her mental health, in NOT being able to get out, but that don’t STOP her! SHE figures she’s lived 83 years and IF the GOOD LORD deemed it to be her day, she’d be happy. As it is. She’s smart and I do the shopping, etc. Which makes it MUCH easier anyway as she don’t move that fast in the store anyway. Cruel? NO!! Compassionate and caring? YOU decide But SHE brought me into this world, and I’ll see her out, BEST as I can. SOMETHING to LEARN from the OLD FOLKS! NOT to be cruel, just sensible!!

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