Turbine blade failure by Ellsworth

By:  Diane Benjamin

A blade fell off a turbine east of Ellsworth over a week ago.  A source told me the IMO bearings are defective which caused the washer to overheat and then detach the blade.

I do not know how far the blade fell from tower, but I do know it made A LOT of noise when it fell.  I don’t know who owns the turbines now.  I’m working on a way to determine how far away it fell since many of these turbines are near roads.  Luckily this one wasn’t.

My sources say it is possible that many of the turbines in this field have defective bearings.  Hopefully these turbines aren’t creating a health hazard!

If you are in favor of ending wind subsidies – sign this petition:  Whitehouse.gov/stop-all-ptc-credits

This is video from yesterday:

This video is from the other side from today:

22 thoughts on “Turbine blade failure by Ellsworth

  1. I will be interested in hearing how far the blade fell from the turbine? They are suppose to fall straight down, but have read where the blades have been found on highways and have damaged homes and buildings. No wind energy is not green, not clean, and not cheap considering the heavily subsidized projects—using our tax dollars! In addition wind energy has been found to damage human health and the environment.

  2. Okay so you dislike free wind to get your electric power, and you worry about the props falling and ether hurting someone or doing property damage. Now please note that you are not complaining any about pipe line ruptures or why we can not eat the fish at Clinton Lake. Towers are just like autos, they are mechanical and yes they will break down. So when was the last time you started walking instead of fixing the car. Now how many candles do you own.

  3. The biggest problem with the whole wind energy scheme are the subsidies. The subsidies are there to build the towers. They build these towers as cheap and quick as they can to capture the subsidy and for no other incentive. If this were driven by the private free market, these towers would be cheaper and better. This is the kind of waste and inefficiency you get when the market doesn’t want something like this.

    1. As I have pointed out before, the subsidies you mention do not hold a candle to what big oil and coal have received, but that must be okay in your ledger of facts. In all probability big oil may have spent as much as the wind subsidies, just to fight ethanol being put into 10% of lower grade gas, another renewable fuel product.

  4. You seem to be a stickler for spelling being correct, so I thought you’d appreciate this side note, “You keep talking about these subsidies with no facts. Go any?”

      1. After my posting about ethanol and you still are asking for facts, proves to me you need an interpreter to read to you.

  5. I delivered the second load of ethanol delivered in McLean County to a farmer on the South West side of Bloomington in the Seventy’s. Big oil fought it with every donation to any elected official they thought they had in their pocket. It was a 10% blend, that was about Forty years ago. We knew then we could blend it stronger but this 10% ended up being a compromise with our Government, and driven by big oil. Now just why do you think we are not at 20-40%? Side note, I personally have NEVER had any carb problems using ethanol in carb’s in older cars, fuel injected cars, 32,000 lb GVW trucks, Simplicity Lawn tractors,{6 each} and one new 1982 motorcycle. Use these facts to start your rebuttal.

      1. Well lets try this. other than burning wood from your own trees, can you name any kind of energy in the US that doesn’t have some kind of subsidies? My point here is that when you only have the idea that wind is the only one with subsidies, you have already lost the argument.

  6. The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over & over again & expecting different results. I’m all for cutting out all subsidies! It’s time to get back to the basics of free markets!

    Subsidizing ethanol was not a good idea either. All it did was caused farmers to want to raise more corn. Then we had the issue of the corn mesh that resulted after the processing of the corn & so someone had the idea to feed it to cows who are herbivores & they are not designed to eat corn, so it causes more fat on their meat which in turn man eats this meat & gets heart disease. In looking at the whole picture here, we are harming man & his environment, so someone else can profit at the taxpayers’ expense.

    1. Well now that’s not all it did. Take the time to read up on a little ethanol history and you will find that , FACT #1 two things brought about ethanol, 1, was the price of corn at the time, and 2, was being at the mercy of a foreign Country for our oil. Fact 2, Once ethanol was a proven internal combustion engine fuel, big oil spent millions to first stop it from being even thought as an alternate fuel to gas. 2nd, spent more millions to finally limit the percentage allowed to be sold to the public. FS used it to increase the octane from 47 oct. to 49 oct at no added cost to the consumer. When I retired there was a non-farmer burning a higher blend in his 1993 Buick. He started with putting some E-85 in then putting enough straight unleaded in to make his own blend. He stopped by the day I retired and was up to a 50/50 blend with no problems. He had been using that % for about 3000 miles at that time.

      This part, “Then we had the issue of the corn mesh ” should have been “corn mash”‘
      Now the corn mash is fed to all kinds of livestock on feed. Not just to feeder cattle. But beyond that I do not have the refined Medical background that you seem to want to project, but I will say this. In 73 years I have seen these foods named as bad for your health, eggs, bacon, red meat, white meat, fish, pork in general, and certain garden vegetables, and in those same 73 years I have seen them all removed from the list. In other words it was somebody’s opinion.

      I do look forward to discussing again, down the road. Have anice day.

  7. Corn subsides are also terrible for the environment, they are the biggest reason why so much phosphorus and other fertilizers/pesticides have created a dead zone in the Mississippi River Delta. Brought to you by your friendly gov’t meddling in the marketplace… Every intervention has a negative consequence, even if it takes a few years to materialize

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