Tari: The windows are closed

By:  Diane Benjamin

Tari’s campaign speech is probably memorized by everybody now.  Repeat things often enough some people might believe them.

No, transparency doesn’t exist at City Hall.  I dare anybody to file a FOIA request and actually get the information they filed for.

The windows are NOT “wide open” as Tari claims.

Here is the latest batch of redacted emails:  4. 0215jrnlb__Redacted centure emails

The emails are over 2 years old and pertain to Tari Renner’s censure that wasn’t a censure.

Think government doesn’t control what media does?  From the few un-redacted emails:

This is what the Pantagraph printed the next day.  Schmidt and Jurgens called  it a censure anyway.  http://www.pantagraph.com/news/local/council-resolution-rebukes-renner-action-called-censure/article_2c2ea94b-4116-5ce7-9c20-828e3dc2b961.html

Council resolution rebukes Renner; action called censure


Since most of the information is redacted, citizens are left to read between the lines.


The “resolution” was started by Scott Black and then Karen Schmidt.  We don’t know if they truly thought something had to be done or it they were attempting to deflect for Renner.  That’s why the emails shouldn’t have been redacted.  Attorney Jeff Jurgens was brought in too.  Most of the rest of the Council didn’t see the resolution until the day the censure took place.  It was very well staged, but the City wants to make sure you never know how it got put together.

Transparency is releasing everything,

not just what they chose to release.

Rob Fazzini was proved by the emails to not have a clue what he was talking about.  If you remember, he cautioned the Council a censure would adversely affect the bond rating.

Two emails that weren’t redacted said it wouldn’t.  See page 55.





  1. sticky bean says:

    Tino (Transparency In Name Only) Tari.


  2. The Mayor did not receive an award for transparency. That claim is a flat out lie. The IT department received the award based on a check list that certain material be available online. The Mayor also claimed he mowed a constituent’s lawn after there was a complaint at an open house. Again, a falsehood. The Mayer did not mow anyone’s lawn. All of the campaign claims are manipulation of the truth or half truths. That seems to be the way he and his campaign supporters role. To be transparent, one must be completely honest.


  3. buddha the magic jedi says:

    i was there i saw all you twits and your plastic flamingos.it was not a censure they said so and that they were going to scold him for bashing your ugly mouth. i still think he should have gone full gonzo on you cuase int the end you aint nothin but a dumpster face and you dont even live in my town.


  4. buddha the magic jedi says:

    you a cry baby corn flake


  5. Buddha, you SHOULD NOT be allowed to use the name of a RESPECTED philosophical
    figure. You bear NO resemblance, other then MAYBE your stature. Otherwise, go back to your home grounds and spread your philosophical manure and help their gardens grow! KAPEESH?


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