Know those people you elected?

By:  Diane Benjamin

We are supposedly a Representative Republic where people are elected to represent us in government.

If you’ve ever watched a Bloomington City Council meeting, it doesn’t take long to realize only 1 guy on the Council represents citizens.  Of course, Kevin Lower.

The rest are there to represent the City to the people who elected them.

*SS Backwards

Just once I’d like to hear somebody other than Alderman Lower say “This isn’t government’s job”.  The others think EVERYTHING is government’s job – at your expense!

If you live in Bloomington, try emailing your alderman about the Coliseum.  The response likely won’t come from your alderman.

The response will come from Jeff Jurgens, Corporate Counsel!  The City is now in full cover-up mode.  It will say they are investigating.  So, the people who failed to secure your dollars are investigating what happened to your money.  This will end well – for them!  The State Police MUST be called in.

The Bloomington City Council failed in 2014 to heed Judy Stearns concerns, only because it came from Judy Stearns.  Everything she said was immediately disregarded, one morning radio host I can think of owes her an apology for proliferating the same attitude.

The concession fiasco is the result of their failures.  David Hales is directly responsible, the Council and Mayor Renner are more than complicit.

Nobody at the City suddenly discovered concessions were never audited.  John Butler set up a separate company called BMI concessions.  CIAM was audited, BMI wasn’t.

If your alderman claims he/she didn’t know, tell them to resign.  Better yet, next election kick them out.







  1. Is it possible that some of that unreported half million went into a slush fund for the benefit of certain officials?


  2. I find it interesting that Jamie Mathy announced his bid for alderman against Kevin Lower. He’s a huge advocate of downtown because he has so many interests there. If he wins, that leaves the citizens without a voice on the council. Of course it all depends upon the mayoral race outcome.


  3. Mathy is claiming to be in support of improving infrastructure–campaign BS. He was one of the most vocal enthusiast of the Front and Center Hotel/Conference project. Why? He and his wife own the bakery right across the street. Not only does Mathy own several properties downtown, he owns a home just a few blocks away. We all know where his priorities are. He will not represent the needs of Ward 1.


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