UPDATE: Why does media let Tari LIE?

WJBC posted the podcast:  https://audioboom.com/posts/6384179-tari-renner-bloomington-mayor-10-11-17

I forgot to mention he thinks the local acrimony is a bigger story than CIAM!

He also claims he did everything possible to get information from CIAM AND he decided not to renew the contract.  Funny Tari – I remember you were shocked they pulled out of the negotiations.  I was shocked they gave up the golden goose though.

The mayor is delusional folks.


By:  Diane Benjamin

The less than honorable mayor of Bloomington was on WJBC this morning.  To Scott Laughlin’s credit, he at least asked Tari about being “accosted”.  Tari quickly babbled something about people had to intervene to save him.  He didn’t say from who, but his babbling continued about lawsuits and the person who filed the Pcard complaint.  I know I filed two lawsuits, won the first one and the second resulted in felony prosecutions of 5 people.  (Hopefully more!)  Are you mad about those lawsuits Tari?  Are there other lawsuits we don’t know about?   Tari also claimed Judy Stearns was “grandstanding” at Monday’s Council.  That’s hilarious because Judy has nothing to gain except setting the record straight.  You Tari and “your” Council failed the citizens of Bloomington.  Judy Stearns tried to save the taxpayers from the CIAM fraud and was ignored.

I wonder if “your” Council noticed you called them that during your rant Monday?  Yes, you are correct Tari!  They are “your” Council instead of representing the people forced to pay your bills.  Congratulations to the Council for now officially named the opposite of public servantsCouncil:  You are officially Tari’s slaves!  It’s your fault that Tari operates with deceit.  You have done nothing to hold him accountable for his actions.  His 30 day time-out did nothing to fix his aggression and flat-out lies.  

Back to being accosted:  Tari, do you know what you claim is a felony:

Surely you filed a police report Tari!  Where is it?

The citizens know where the lack of civility originated.  The Misogynist in Chief!  How many times did you attack Judy Stearns during a Council meeting or recruit your students to attack her?  What do you have against women Tari?

Have you apologized to Bruce Meeks for calling him crazy?  Another claim he has cost the City Tens of Thousands of Dollars!  Is that your go-to number because it sounds good?


You claim my site is full of lies, but you never offer any details.  

Where is the lawsuit you promised me?  I know laws are foreign to you, but have you figured out yet that Margot wasn’t a delegate and putting her airfare on the City’s credit IS illegal?



Do you want to pretend again I attacked your son:

The real question is why does the media puts up with Tari?  The acrimony permeating local government began when Tari was first elected.  Tari declared Bloomington was “mine”.  Tari is a narcissist wannabe little Napoleon.

The citizens have lost faith in Renner.

Where is the media?  Will they ever grow up and realize they are on the wrong side of Tari?






12 thoughts on “UPDATE: Why does media let Tari LIE?

  1. WJBC puts up with him because he is a democrat. They harshly went after Kevin Lower twice. Once for suggesting our country was founded on Christian principles. And a second time for suggesting the city cut spending. WJBC has a case of real corruption and bullying and they go easy because they are advocates for city government and not the people of McLean County.

  2. From the sounds of it, Tari don’t have ANYTHING against women! Why else would he TRY and buy one in Japan? Maybe the curio shop was out of samari swords?
    And WHERE are the council members that signed onto NIOT?? Do they NOT see his BULLYING??

      1. I think sadly it’s true which makes the entire thing Decisive….and I truly believe the initial intentions were good. However when any entity serves to divide it will fail.

  3. Someone in city government needs to resume his medication… Is it not obvious to everyone that our mayor needs to take a permanent leave of absence… Seriously he has come unglued from reality now… Earth to Tari… we need leadership so please resign now and go back to your Ivory Tower at the university where you belong.

  4. Following Renner’s rant, there was a long, uncomfortable silence from the Council. I’m not sure what they made of his “mayoral” comments which are unbecoming of an elected official. During Renner’s absence, there was very little tension during meetings. Given that, who is causing the problem?

  5. Both our local FAKE NEWS media are extremely dependent upon your tax dollars being wasted by our cities on advertising their non-events nobody wants to attend. They are both terrified of losing those precious advertising dollars. Maybe I should turn on WJBC and listen to what the local government entity of the day’s mouthpiece is trying to promote for their tax wasting little fiefdom. Nahhhhhh!

    1. No advertising dollars, no jobs. Everybody has got to put food on the table I understand that but at least these idiots could if they would, vote the other idiots out of office. Bottom line, local main stream media on radio and bird cage liner types are all idiots. Can’t see the forrest for the trees.

  6. If Ms. Erlich was an official delegate, that would make her a public figure. Since Tari claims she isn’t a public figure, she can’t be a delegate. Which one would the Mayor like to have? Even if he claims she was a delegate and the city buys that argument without any actual proof, does anyone really believe it?

  7. TJ-It’s kind of like a schizophrenic walking into a restaurant and the waitress asks “seats for how many” And the Schitzo says “15” I like to change personalities every few minutes!

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