UPDATE: Prove it Tari!

First FOIA response received!


I received the first response to my FOIA request below.  The Bloomington staff under David Hales does not know Bloomington elections are not handled by McLean County.  Bloomington has it’s own election commission.  I only FOIA’d the City because Tari Renner specifically stated the ballot challenges cost the City money.  Here’s the email:


What else are they screwing up at City Hall?

Is this a new employee without adequate training and oversight?  The Freedom of Information Act is the law.  One would think a transparent government would take it seriously.


I just filed this FOIA Request.  Fake Newsis one of Tari’s favorite accusations.  Let’s see if he was spouting some last night:  (click to enlarge)

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4 thoughts on “UPDATE: Prove it Tari!

  1. MAYBE Tari SHOULD pursue his “downtown hotel” plan and buy the Pantagraph and call it the Limestone Leisure Lodge, as nothing is happening there now!
    Maybe the city SHOULD have their employees be ELECTION JUDGES to familiarize themselves with the system??


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