UPDATE: Pantagraph: Facts Matter

The on-line version has been corrected.  How are they going to correct all those printed copies?  Are there enough to worry about?


By:  Diane Benjamin

If anyone was expecting a hard-hitting editorial by the anonymous writers at the Pantagraph against Tari Renner for once again inflaming the local acrimony Monday night,  you will be disappointed.  Today they chose to write about VenuWorks and the BCPA.


It’s nice to see the editorial staff finally cares about the corruption and charges filed against the Coliseum former management team.  I wonder what rock they were hiding under the whole time I was sounding the sirens?

Oh, I forgot they have a policy against doing investigations.  Maybe they  should have at least read the VenuWorks contract before printing VenuWorks not only is contracted to manage the Coliseum, they also manage the Pepsi Ice Center!  See the contract HERE

There isn’t one mention of the Pepsi Ice Center in that contract!

I wonder if Anonymous is the only person in town who doesn’t know the Pepsi Ice Center falls under Bloomington Parks and Recreation?

Maybe the Pantagraph has dismissed so much staff the editorials aren’t written locally anymore.  Maybe no one locally had time to check the facts.  Here’s the Fake News:

The real question is:

How much other Fake News do they print?





6 thoughts on “UPDATE: Pantagraph: Facts Matter

      1. The destruction of the middle class continues. Six major corporations own 98% of the media in the USA. Didn’t used to be that way, 20-25 years ago. Snuff out the competition by whatever means necessary. Eliminate the truth tellers so that the narrative is controlled.


  1. That’s how Hitler did it!
    Just think, it the early 70’s the Pantagraph had over 53,000 subscribers!
    Wonder if it’s a 1/10 of that now??


  2. The Paragraph has raised their obits prices and and made them giant size to make up for their lack of employees and news. Why hire writers when you can just take the lies of Tari Renner and the rest of the government tax raisers as “news”.


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