#2 – UPDATE: Prove it Tari!

I received yet another email from the City:



I received the first response to my FOIA request below.  The Bloomington staff under David Hales does not know Bloomington elections are not handled by McLean County.  Bloomington has it’s own election commission.  I only FOIA’d the City because Tari Renner specifically stated the ballot challenges cost the City money.  Here’s the email:


What else are they screwing up at City Hall?

Is this a new employee without adequate training and oversight?  The Freedom of Information Act is the law.  One would think a transparent government would take it seriously.


I just filed this FOIA Request.  Fake News is one of Tari’s favorite accusations.  Let’s see if he was spouting some last night:  (click to enlarge)

18 thoughts on “#2 – UPDATE: Prove it Tari!

    1. Actually, Renner must have spent a pretty penny for his personal attorney to represent him during the petition challenge. Now he’s looking at the possibility of having to hire another defense attorney for the ISP investigation. Too bad, Renner. Poor choices have negative consequences.


  1. I just realized that his little speech was “gaslighting” at it’s best. It made me fearful to meet with elected officials because what if I get accused of something like that. I mean Tari is throwing that around like it does not mean a thing. It’s serious. Very serious. It was an attempt, yet again, to silence the citizens. SCARY.


  2. NO morals, NO scruples! WHEN will the council ,etc. PULL their heads out and LOOK at the “character” they are dealing with here and FORGET censuring him-THROW the bum out.
    As for his rants and raves-kind of reminds me of a guy who wrote a book called Mein Kampf and how he used to rant, rave and salivate.


  3. Wow! Trumpism lives in Bloomington! Never thought I would be ashamed of the President AND my local mayor. I guess I should never say never.


      1. Face it; your Dear Leader and Tari are two peas in a pod. Both of them are petty, thin skinned and have raging egos. If you are proud of one but not the other, I seriously question your values system and how you apply it.


    1. Trump didn’t take any money from world class pervert and the next door neighbor of Crooked Hillary and Cigar Bill, Harvey Weinstein. Stop believing the FAKE NEWS! New York Times sat on that story for 13 years.


  4. I guess tari thinks opposition is a physical attack, Or someone with a sign is. He definitely missed his meds before the last meeting. I loved the look of the others when he finished.


  5. Regarding his petition challenge, his lawyer did reduce the number of signatures that were knocked off to just over 200. There would of many more if I was allowed to address certain things like whole pages of signatures being obviously signed by one person and because the petition was done in letter format instead of legal petition format. Well, the Commission Director told me I could do it that way because there was no example of a format in his office and he didn’t know where to find such an animal. SMH. Nonetheless, the Bloomington Election Commission ruled in his favor anyway and Jesse Smart stood there giving me the eye like some old outfit boss obviously upset that anyone would have the audacity to challenge any petition. The good old boy network in Bloomington sure is a legend in their own mind.


    1. Renner’s partner, Margot’s signature was tossed as invalid even though he provided a sworn affidavit that it was legitimate. Renner’s petition had many irregularities yet he swore there was nothing wrong.


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