Award Winning Aldermen comments

By:  Diane Benjamin

From time to time even I am shocked by what comes out of the mouths of Aldermen during a City Council meeting.  I’m awarding TWO “Seriously?” awards from last night’s party.  Since the Special Meeting started at 5:00, I bet food was served.  It used to be announced, but it wasn’t listed on the agenda last night.  I hope the Council and staff weren’t forced to bring their own food!  Horror!

The first award goes to Scott Black for his compliments directed to David Hales for always looking for ways to save money.  The discussion involved VenuWorks managing the BCPA, he was opposed even if it meant saving $200,000.  Does Black know the Budget under David Hales has gone from


 $169.4 million in 2014


$214.1 million in 2018?

44.7 million increase in 4 years!  Pretending Bloomington has 78,000 residents, that’s $573 per person.  For a family of four, that’s $2,292.  What do they have to show for it Scott?  The roads are still crap and so are the sewers.  You call that great cutting by Hales?

Hit play:

Scott Black needs more information from the City and VenuWorks. My sources tell me the City is not allowing VenuWorks to “buy shows” like CIAM did for fear of losing money. Therefore, there are few shows at the Coliseum.


The second award is closely tied to Black’s comments.  This award goes to David Sage for mentioning the upcoming “structural deficit”.   Raise taxes or cut services!  David doesn’t understand EVERYBODY has a structural deficit when they spend more money than they take in.  Bloomington’s structural deficit is caused by the same thing the citizens being robbed are forced to deal with.  The difference is they must set priorities, Council priorities are taxing more.

Here’s some advice David:  Employee benefits far exceed the private sector.  Chop them starting at the top with the next City Manager.  End pension spiking now!  Quit being cowards-the employees aren’t going to leave.  If they start slacking and pouting – fire them.  In other words, treat City employees with the same disregard you have for citizens!  Hit play to hear his comments:



6 thoughts on “Award Winning Aldermen comments

  1. Food was served at the 5:00 meting eaten during the closed executive session. That is expected to continue under the new proposed ordinance for elected officials.


  2. Like a previous comment said , they must give a bucket of sand when someone gets elected to the city council. They buried their heads for 6 years regarding CIAM and thank heavens these people stood up at the mike and let the council know what they think about these pathetic individuals that sit in the mayors and council chairs. Bravo speakers.


  3. There was a comment made by the mayor regarding the resignation of the Community Development Coordinator. He was brought in by Hales and Renner under the culture change. He was partly responsible for the hiring of a City Planner and Ms. Stiller as part of the Downtown Development Department. Is he leaving because he knows something about the future of development or lack there of in Bloomington?


  4. Sage is a dumb spineless idiot-JUST like he was when he went to B.H.S. Guess his high school education passed him by!! Sage would compliment ANYONE who throws him a bag of fried food!
    As for Black, well, he’s got NO saving grace.


  5. I just want to point out it WAS Sage who bought the Credit Card/Expenditures to Council, which is a start. And a start is better than what we have been getting. What I don’t understand is how the Council can’t see what Tari is doing to them. Do they not realize that he is making their lives and political careers a joke. They are the only ones who have the power to remove him.


  6. David Sage. he gutted his house one year and demanded the city pick up his waste, even though that wasn’t legal because contractors did the work. The man is a snake and can’t be trusted.


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