Is this what prompted Renner’s Rant?

By:  Diane Benjamin

FOUR people mentioned me at Public Comment last night.  The camera really needs to pan to the Council paying ZERO attention to the speakers.  They are too busy looking down to acknowledge people who took the time to speak to them.  I hope future speakers stop and ask the Council to at least look like they care.

Just hit Play below to hear Judy Stearns

Carl Woodward (CPA) at 16:19

Scott Stimeling at 25:36

Angela Scott at 32:00

Some other interesting characters appeared between these speakers.  Public Comment began at 5:34 including the mayor’s new spiel about his open house that isn’t so open anymore.



20 thoughts on “Is this what prompted Renner’s Rant?

    1. Pinky is of the same ilk as Renner. She is deceitful and believes she is of great importance. Renner’s other defender, Mr. Parker, was in the audience but did not speak. The chamber is beginning to be filled with more disgruntled citizens who may become the new “regulars.”


  1. I watched the comments last night and would like to give a Big Shoutout to Angela Scott! CC + mayor pretend to care about the poor but then never think of the poor when raising their cost of living! Hypocrites!


  2. Diane:

    I SO appreciate your covering the Bloomington City Council meetings and we need more
    people like and I am sure that you saw that King Tari really “slammed” you last night as you have said he is used to always getting his way. I want to congratulate you for having the nerve to stand up to King Tari. He may not be a king but he sure acts like one.

    I think that you were getting to close to the truth and he did not like that when anyone
    challenges him. I see him frequently as I live within a few hundred feet if that — his ex lives across the street. I feel very confident that you were getting too close to the truth.
    I told him “Tari, do the descent thing and resign from office but I know that you
    will not.

    You did not beat former Alderman Kevin G. Lower as bad as you would like some people
    to believe. After all you only beat former Alderman Lower by less than 1,500 votes !!!

    I do not think that this was a coincidence that all of these allegations came out after
    you were unfortunately re-elected to another term in April.


    1. I love it Scott. And thank you for your voice. I try to remind him that only 6k voted for him in a city of 70k (or almost 80K as he said last night)… he does NOT speak for most.


  3. I wonder if Judy could provide some insight.
    I am curious to find out if the CC and king really hear what the citizens are saying. Are their points discussed at all?
    A friend was there last night intent on speaking about a brewery moving into a commercial space behind her house. This is in the middle of a historic area. She didn’t get the chance.


    1. The protocol for public comment is:
      1. Fill out a comment card found on a table at the entrance at least 5 minutes before the start of the meeting.
      2. Place place the card in the provided box.
      3. Speakers are chosen in random order (so they claim)
      4. There is a total of 30 minutes for public comment with 3 minutes allowed for each speaker.


      1. Of course Renner does that. I was referencing the ordinance. We all know policies and ordinances mean nothing to Renner.


  4. Apparently, renner doesn’t remember that he is an employee (as are hales and the others), and that the citizens are the employer, and our taxes pay his stipend. And as such, employees are subject to performance reviews. Therefore, the public is entitled to make comments, write articles, do investigative reporting, file lawsuits, file foia’s, or whatever else is necessary to keep him and them in check. He is obviously unnerved by this. Well then, he has the option of quitting if he does not like this perfectly logical oversight. He does not like being confronted with facts. Too bad. Government of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE, for the PEOPLE.

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