What David Hales never checked-CIAM

By:  Diane Benjamin

The 10 year agreement with CIAM to manage the Coliseum contained numerous paragraphs granting the City rights to everything happening at the Coliseum.  Tari Renner, David Hales, and the Council either never read the agreement or are lying because they failed to protect taxpayers from John Butler and company.

See the agreement here:  Management Agreement CIAM

From page 19:

Cash register tapes showing Gross Concession Sales is what I received because of my lawsuit.


David Hales had every right to walk over there and print off the same information anytime he wanted.  He never did.  Nobody from the City cared, in fact Hales, Renner, and the Council went out of their way to ignore Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower in 2014.

What other fraud is happening while developing downtown is all they care about?

There is another section in the contract that would have been easy to check – Page 16:

My sources tell me that payments to the Coliseum Fund bank account were rarely made in three days.  In other words, John Butler borrowed taxpayer dollars for as long as he wanted to before paying any of it to the City via the Coliseum Fund.

The highly paid City Manager never checked.  The Council praised John Butler’s management every time he appeared at Council.  Why didn’t anybody care?

Another trip down memory lane:

The Executive Session held in November 2013 that Judy Stearns walked out of explains many things.  The Attorney General ordered the City to release the audio and the minutes, we only got the minutes.  See them here:  11-15-13 Closed Meeting Minutes

Keep in mind, Tari Renner took office in May of 2013.  The minutes make it clear the City has plans and the Council is merely the cheer squad:

This is what government For the People, By the People looks like in Bloomington!

This is also why Judy Stearns and Kevin Lower were marginalized and attacked constantly.

They cared about taxpayers.

They were the only ones.

It’s also why nobody cared what CIAM was doing at the Coliseum.

Please read the entire minutes.  In retrospect they are horrifying, unless you believe government is competent and creates prosperity.  This is also the reason Tari claimed on WJBC yesterday that “acrimony” is a bigger story than CIAM.  He despises anyone who gets in his way.

Don’t forget, it took 2 1/2 years to get the minutes.  The AG didn’t care the audio was never released.

Representatives at the meeting who are still on the Council:  David Sage, Karen Schmidt, Scott Black,  Mboka Mwilambwe





9 thoughts on “What David Hales never checked-CIAM

  1. “Representatives at the meeting who are still on the Council: David Sage, Karen Schmidt, Scott Black, Mboka Mwilambwe” One idiot and 3 hard-core Communists–who are also idiots. Bloomington is DOOMED!


  2. Renner’s culture change reflects un-American, Communist/Marxist ideology. His political science students are really getting the shaft on their education. I certainly wouldn’t send any of my kids to IWU. What a jerk.


  3. Bloomington USED to have GOOD mayors, but the last 3 have been less then desirable, and this Tari guy, well, I’m pretty sure he’s grooming himself for GULAG warden or some such detail.
    As for representation @ city hall-NONEXISTANT!


    1. Tari had higher aspirations and that got knocked out of the water when he tried running for office for a higher position. The best he can do is a mayor and bad at that too. I cannot imagine him being a representative or senator. Please gawd not in my life time.

      As for Hales, that guy should have been fired after the first year he was here or at 6 months. For the life of me I cannot think of anything beneficial he has brought to the city.

      Does anyone think they will ever remotely totally recover what is due to the city? If you do I have a bridge to sell you. They won’t!


      1. If Hales goes down, so will many others, so no, don’t get your hopes up. Unless of course, Hales becomes the sacrificial lamb. Although sacrificing the dumb one, the one who had to take a sabbatical becomes more the obvious choice. What an easy mark he would be. Has already set himself up in so many ways. Can’t wait to see the rats begin to jump the ship. Pass the popcorn.


      2. I just keep thinking, “How much is it costing the county to prosecute this? How much has the investigation cost? Why didn’t any one listen to Judy? Kevin? Steve?” But Tari uses politics 101 to divert our attention to the FOIA lawsuit, that was oh so frivolous. Something his soap box on Monday was, in my humble opinion, the last gasps of a guilty man.


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