Bloomington (questionable) spending

By:  Diane Benjamin

Monday’s Bills and Payroll:

More spiked pension expense:

More Interest-Free loans?

I don’t care how great the cause is, what statute allows the City to hand out your money to people they chose?  Most people call this vote-buying:

More handouts: 

I’m guessing the City if buying tickets to a Chamber event for the Council, whether they attend or not. 1/27 is a gala event.

Automating parking?  FOIA needed.

Connect Transit!


The most interesting thing on the agenda:

B. State of the City Address, Mayor Tari Renner (Presentation 10 minutes)

Maybe he can talk about all the businesses that no longer exist downtown:

State Farm
Grand Cafe
Kawai Piano dealer (can’t remember the name)

Any more?

Maybe Tari will say for the 1000th time:  There are no free lunches!

I haven’t seen a single expense report turned in by him since he lost his PCard.

He’s finally right!

Amelia Buragas will present the final Downtown Task Force recommendations since she didn’t get to at the last meeting.  Does she know the Coliseum was built downtown ONLY to bring business downtown?

Moving the library (Library Board nixed that idea) won’t work any better than the Coliseum did.

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