Normal: This one is for you!

By:  Diane Benjamin

The story below appeared in the Pantagraph on October 21, 2003.  It is available on microfiche at the Bloomington Public Library.

Normal raised your property taxes this year by blaming pensions.

They used the same excuse in 2003 and every year since.

Instead of budgeting for expenses they have to pay, they wait until year end and just bill you.  I wonder if Normal will add this to their Rumor vrs Fact website?

This story is very much like the one printed last year when the Council raised property taxes again.   I wonder if the Pantagraph just changes the dates and prints the same story every year?  Or maybe they didn’t notice they print the same story every year?

Chris Koos wouldn’t like it if the Pantagraph printed the truth!

Normal knows how much they need to pay in every year to meet the funding goals.  They would rather just fleece you than put it in the budget.

Show this to the Trustees and ask them why they keep participating in this charade.

Enjoy being lied to?

10 thoughts on “Normal: This one is for you!

  1. Some ‘splainin needed from soon to be former (not soon enough) City Manager Mark Peterson on why in 17 years they could never plan ahead for this and slmost every year raise our taxes. Shame on us for not seeing this earlier. Thanks Diane for bringing truth to light!

  2. Silly Diane… Koos controls GLT; Tari controls the Pantagraph. They occasionally cross-collaborate. Haha!

  3. Would anyone let Koos or Peterson manage their checking account? Okay…now, would anyone let Koos or Peterson handle the town’s financial accounts? Yup, didn’t think so.

    1. Sickening, just sickening and if I have to explain that to anyone, they wouldn’t understand anyway.

      1. Putting it in the budget is not a mechanism for payment (duh). It’s an expense. How would you propose the town pay for it. Print money?

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