PCard Freedom Day!

By:  Diane Benjamin


PDF page 118

NO Tari free lunches in October:

(No expense report payments are included either)

Buy local doesn’t apply to government – cordless blower for Administration?

Why is Bloomington supporting a non-profit with your money?  Are they buying votes?  What about that Chili Cook-off?  Do laws matter?

Why does government think some non-profits are better than others? Why are they picking which ones get your money? It’s illegal because it’s buying influence and votes with your tax dollars!

More vote-buying?

Grants are regularly handed out.

October Legal Fees:

(sent to Springfield)

This one screams for a FOIA:


9 thoughts on “PCard Freedom Day!

  1. Shows how much these clowns know! Friends and I did the ELKS chili cook off years back and had EVERYTHING donated or sponsored-and this is about what we spent! I guess they have NO bartering ability. Course it’s YOUR money, so spend, spend spend..
    And since WHEN do we have to pay for Hales parking in uptown. Keeripes, he makes good money, and wants $2 back?

  2. I know that ISU number $6,667.50. Take that number and add 6666.5 and 6666. That’s how they avoid procurement laws and keep everything under $20,000. Anything over 20k requires a bid. I’ll LAY ODDS there will be two more payments for the exact same thing.

    Did I ever mention I used to played Texas Hold Em’ and I’m actually pretty good.

    1. I’m talking about State procurement laws at Illinois State University. They have lots of contracts for $19,999.50

  3. Good grief a reimbursement for $2. I would be embarrassed to even ask for that. Also depending on how that reimbursement is paid via a check or direct deposit the expense of doing the reimbursement could exceed the $2. That reimbursement could have actually cost the tax payers more. In fact probably all of those reimbursements cost more than the face value.

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