Monday: Bloomington’s spending spree:

By:  Diane Benjamin

Bills and Payroll:

This is a wire transfer – no other information is available.  Most likely it’s property downtown.

The City is giving away more of your money:

Remember when I reported on huge phone bills:

Sprint charges weren’t included in that story.  The City has Verizon, Frontier, and now Sprint.  

Legal expenses are down a little, still ridiculous however for one month:

MANY small things could be cut – this is one of them:

This is a firm of architects – Economic Development?

Your money so 20 borders per hour can ride on empty buses:

What is SLBB?

Pension spiking,

the bill for the addition pension cost will come later:

City employees don’t work for you, you get robbed so they can be far more comfortable in retirement than you will ever be.


15 thoughts on “Monday: Bloomington’s spending spree:

    1. Because it’s Downtown. They are obsessed with the Downtown. Of course, whatever it is, its probably really worth $500,000, will sit idle for 5 years, and require Farnsworth to invoice the City for another millions or so. Wonder if anyone will still be living in Bloomington by then.

  1. Quick search result: (“SLBB”) is sick leave buyback hours, which was to grandfather employees participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (“IMRF”). Not sure if this is true, but figured you could run with it, Diane. Back to the issue at hand, all of this spending is disgusting! The Mayor and the Council have one priority…their ideology and friends of government. And we thought Koos couldn’t say “no”; at least he sees the writing on the wall and is trimming the budget. I’m wondering how many non-profits are one or two bad days away from closing. Hello, United Way. State Farm’s reorganized gifting to share among the hub communities, a declining tax base, and less economically secure individual and business donors. How long will the City subsidize dying local non-profits?

  2. That’s crazy! Even GOOD farm ground don’t bring that much, and WHEN downtown is empty and they tear everything down, they won’t even be able to farm it-at least until after the NEXT glacial period!
    On a DIFFERENT note. The building WEST of the Castle is empty, and the parking lot north of the PNC bank is COMPLETELY barren since SF has pulled out, so WHAT’S the rush to buy land downtown?

  3. I thought SLBB was to be presented to the Council prior to payment. I don’t remember seeing anything on the agenda about these.

      1. I mean that the employee has to be presented to the Council as the one receiving the Accelerated Payment. This is a new law—transparency. Ooppps! Laws? What are those?

  4. This is redistribution of (our) wealth. Their liberal progressive democrat friends move into town, all ready to help them enact their agenda, and they need a job. So, abracadabra, they create a job. A very well paying, completely useless and unnecessary job. So, instead of essential services, our tax dollars are deliberately mis-used on this nonsense. And the smug, arrogant, condescending, mayor and council could not care less. They plan on doing whatever they darn well please. Tax paying citizens are in the way and a mere inconvenience. Never thought we’d ever arrive at this point, yet here we are. Cannot wait to leave this town, and it won’t be soon enough for me.

    1. Yep, you nailed it – SOME people are quite favored when it comes to securing useless but lucrative positions, for some, it’s pretty much all they have ever known. I think I’m here about 2 to 3 more years but it could be up to 5 more. 🙁

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