More info: Soccer and the airport

By:  Diane Benjamin

This email was sent by a citizen to Pam Reece.   The letter from the FAA to the airport  printed in this story was attached to the email:

danger soccer

The point is:  Pam knows the airport forcing the soccer kids to leave the property has nothing to do with danger.

If those words come out of her mouth during discussions that are bound to happen, it will be proof she is a fraud.

Conversely, if she sets the record straight she should and will be praised for it.  Evidently the media still doesn’t know.

WGLT has a new story.

Your wallet is in extreme danger from the same clowns renting an entire floor in Uptown at outrageous rates simply because Koos wanted a building.

Don’t forget the first floor is STILL empty.  Because they build it doesn’t mean anybody is going to come.

Couple things left out of the story:

  • The indoor turf will need replaced about every 10 years
  • The cover will need replaced at around 20 years

Both are MILLIONS of dollars.

Where will that money come from?

Note too the “consultant’s estimates” are wrong according to “local officials”.  Why did they hire a consultant then?  Asking for a refund?

FYI:  The Coliseum consultant claimed it would be very profitable too.  They were wrong.



2 thoughts on “More info: Soccer and the airport

  1. Shipley is 100 percent correct. Back in the day, the only concern the Airport Authority had with the land in question was having the ability to develop on it whether it was for airport expansion or selling it for private development. They didn’t care about the use of it for fields has long as they had control of future use. Anything else out there is a lie. Because of fragile egos, certain people thought Mike LaPier had already had too much success getting the new terminal off the ground and expanding the runways. Mike made some mistakes but was basically run off because of the usual local petty jealousies of the right people not getting the credit they thought they deserved. The pettiness in this community continues to this day.

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  2. Shipley is right except his discussion of air growth being described as glacial. It is receding….loss of delta flights to MSP last year. Loss of daily low cost air travel due to Southwest buying out (I forget their name), and Southwest then dropping those flights. United, they gone. Allegiant season coming to an end. The schedule for BMI is pathetic. you can only fly to Atlanta on Delta, Chicago or Dallas on American on a daily basis. The airlines are doing what our government should have done, closed down this airport for commercial travel. We only have 7 outgoing flights a day that are on a somewhat regular basis..

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